Thursday, 31 March 2011

Cucumber Lemon Juice

This is a very FRESH post.The fresh post i mean is it was newly happened n what i want to share is fresh.Just now i was make Cucumber Lemon Juice.As what i mentioned only the post before,i don't like vegetable juice,except cucumber lemon juice.The first time i tried cucumber lemon juice was in Ipoh Parade when had lunch with my dear friends.I attracted by the photo on the menu,so i would like to have a try on it,and start from that day,i order it every time i go there to have my meal.
I went to "pasar" with my mum this morning,and i asked her to buy cucumber n lemon to make the cucumber lemon juice.So just now i make it by my own,let me show the steps,is easy,u can have a try without wasting many time n money.. 

 1. Prepare 2 cucumber ( the amount is not fix n see how many people u are going to serve)

 2. Cut the cucumber into pieces and clean it with salt water.

3. I cut the cucumber into pieces is because of my blender is old type of blender.After that,pour in some water,not too much if not it will tasteless.  

 4. Separate the marc, and also squeeze half lemon's juice into the cucumber juice.

 5. Pour the cucumber lemon juice into cups and add in some ices .Then it can be serve to others.

It is fresh to be taste,everyone can try on it.
Cucumber and lemon are both good for our health.Make fruit juice or vegetable juice for own or even to family/ friends to be taste is quite a happy matter. I prefer n love when they say tasty or they are enjoy it or even just a simple "thank you".i will feel happy.

McD Big Breakfast

Yesterday,31/3/2010,Gia Wei,Xiao Tung,Cheng Yee n Me woke up at 5am something around 6am n went out to Mcd Kampar to buy our breakfast.This is because Mun Yee gave us 4 coupons on the day before n due to yesterday is the last day of promotion,so that we decided to experience it for the last chance.

This, the thing i mentioning.Purchase minimum RM5 to get 2 sets of free Big Breakfast.I tried it before,but not me bought it,is Yi Lin n Kar Fei help me to buy one.Before that i heard many people said that many people queue up at Mcd to buy it.Let's see the scene..

See ? Is already at outside of the door...
We first queue up with them,then Xiao Tung n Cheng Yee decided ti drive-thru,me n Gia Wei continue queue up at there see who is faster.But then rain heavily,me n Gia Wei faster ran to Cheng Yee's car.

 Stupid Xiao Tung n Cheng Yee..
 Gia Wei n Me..

We wait for around 1 hour to wait,order, got our order n back my hostel to have our breakfast.We wait from dark to dawn...
See,is already at my hostel to having my breakfast at 7am something.After that me,Xiao Tung n Cheng Yee went to campus together.
Is such a stupid thing we did,wait to long n woke up so early to bought our breakfast,BUT what i think is do sometime do some stupid thing with friends is such a happy memory for us.

Yesterday is the dateline to hand in our assignment, my group do something wrong on it,is just minor error n our lecturer is allow us to correct without reprint it,n see what i did,
Don't know what's wrong with my brain,i kept on wrote it wrongly n pissed of my groupmates because she needed cut the small pieces of paper again n again...sorry..what i suppose to write is 25 SEPTEMBER 2011,but i wrote 25 Se... for 2 times(need all in capital letter) n also spelling it wrongly one time,n finally i wrote it correctly on the fourth time.Funny n stupid me...

My class ended on 5 something yesterday,n i faster walked back to hostel n took my stuffs n walked to bus stop n took bus back to Ipoh together.We wait for around 1 hours,the bus came at 7.05pm..We wait from the sunny till dark this time...funny that morning i wait from dark to dawn,n evening i wait from sunny till dark... 
Anyway,i Back to Ipoh again...YES...

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Earth Hour

26th March ,
now is earth hour,my house is full of darkness,i can't do my revision,and is quite some time i didn't update  my blog due to i am not free, so that i just using for this one hour to update my blog.
I think this few weeks almost everyone also run of of time due to assignment & presentation.Is already come to end of semester ,but we still have assignments & presentations to do.Last whole week is really no time for me to do other thing as after back home from campus at 6pm then 8pm need to went out to discuss the assignment & presentation for next Monday.Is really exhausted ,i have no time to rest seriously.
Yesterday i back to Ipoh by bus.Thanks Gia Wei for accompany me waiting the bus because she afraid me will take the wrong bus.Thanks Gia friend praise u also =) One of my group member is from Ipoh too,she went back tomorrow,i told her the time i will went out to the bas stop,but she do not sure the actual time she go out,but finally we meet,so we took bus together.We wait for around 1 hour,there are 3 bus across within the 1 hour,but all 3 are not the bus back to Ipoh.One something i reach Ipoh,after ate my brunch at home,then my parent fetch me to consult doctor that's the purpose i back to Ipoh.I hate the government service to the MAX seriously.They are not polite at all,their manner,attitude is totally SHIT ...if i have money,i must not going to government clinic/ hospital .Make my tooth feel pain also. Need to wait for 2 months for next appointment,then how long i need to wait to settle ? haiz..

This is the photo took last week before went out to date with my dear friends...the out look of that it okay ? 

Hope holiday come faster,i don't want do assignments & presentations...but i also hope i can pass all the subjects this sem so that i no need retake n i can study degree without wasting extra time & money.

Lastly,hope everyone can do their best to save the earth ,it is very important but not everyone realize it ...hope   everyone of us can do some little step to save the earth,to give comfort environment for our next generation.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Pre Birthday celebration of Kar & Yee

19/3/2011,we had a small birthday celebration for my dear friends Kar Kar & Pei Yee .Actually their birthday fall on 28th & 29th of March,due to some problems,we need to celebrate earlier .

This,the present for Kar & Yee from Ar Lin & me.We bought the same present for them to prevent argue(just kidding).

This, the things we gave to them.Nice ?

We discuss discuss n discuss where we want to go n what we want to do.The venue n activity change change n change for thousand times.And finally。。。
Yes ! Pei Yee's house.After i accompanied my mom to seek doctor then i went to Pei Yee's house to meet Ar Lin n Pei Yee as Kar Kar n her friends were late.SEE ! She is Kar Kar and she was reading my card n hugging the bear bear that she n her friend bought for Pei Yee.

She,Wei Wen...she is Kar's best friend.What we doing? She helping me rebornding my hair(for temporary one).She look so PRO in this photo.But actually she pro i think as i heard she wanna to be stylish .
Who i'm hugging ? GUESS ...
She is Kar...actually not me hug her ,is she hug me.But i quite like this photo...

I like this bear,Cute...comfortable to hug .

After discussed n changed so many venue and finally we went to...
...Restoran Good Times.Is a place to eat steamboat.

Spot the environment,is quite nice.

There consider many foods to choose ...The photos show 1/5 only...
Beside those steamboat,barbecue n snack ...the are dessert too.There have cake,swiss roll,pudding...But i only ate ice-cream as it attracted me due to we can decorate the ice-cream ourself. See the photo,both of the ice-cream were decorated by me .We can add on chocolate rice,peanuts,n biscuit.The ice-cream taste not that nice,but i'm happy to decorate it so i ate 2 small cups.Those foods which with nice n attractive feature normally attracted me the most.

All the girls..From left..Wei Wen,Yi Lin,Me,Pei Yee and Kar Kar. 

We bought a chocolate cake from "The chocolates" which located just right beside the Restaurant Good Times.My brother introduce me to eat this cake.My brother bought a Tiramisu for me as the chocolate cake had sold out.Honestly, if the cake is fresh enough,must very delicious.For me,the Tiramisu is taste good than this chocolate cake not because of the flavour but the sponge is softer than the chocolate cake(might not very fresh as Tiramisu...for my opinion only). 

The Restaurant Good Times broadcast a birthday's song for us n dimmed the light n helped us to took photos of all of us.Thanks a lot.But they feel embarrassed due to other customers focus on us,but i think is okay as well as it not something curious.

End my post here.had a nice with my dearest...friends forever .

Saturday, 19 March 2011

DIY birthday card for Kar Kar & Pei Yee

Just back home from outside ,pre birthday celebration with my dear friends.I will post it soon after edit those photos.Now,back  to the topic(i done this post few days before..haha)...
28 of March is Pei Yee's Birthday & 29 of March is Kar Kar birthday...
I would like to have some special for them as i never do this before .We are best friends for quite a long time,is more than 7 years i think,but in my memory,i never do something special for their birthday before,we just went to Ipoh Parade n eat lunch n may be bought a cake for them,sang birthday song for them n even  sing  K...i feel sorry to them ,so that i would like to do something to show my *love* to them..of course,don't think too much as the love i mention is friend's love.
Let me show how i did the birthday card for them.(2 similar birthday cards)

I drawn the *HAPPY BIRTHDAY* words on a pink colour paper.i drawn a normal one n drawn one again for up-side-down one.WHY ? see below

I sticked 2 together to make it feel more harder.

Then i draw some line or stick some dots on the words to make it feel nicer than just a plain pink colour words.

Then i used double-sided adhesive to stick the wolds to the cards to make it has 3D feel.

why i cut all those things ?

because of to make a girl,it ain't that nice n i make two different look ,the important one is one is nice,one is not nice...OMG

I want to make a desire bottle,so that i cut 2 bottles shape .

I cut another 2 transparent plastic bottle shape also.

The colour card put below of the transparent card.Then i cut some LOVE shape on the pink colour card before i putted the transparent one,and finally i putted a ribbon.That's all for the desire bottle..

Next,i would like to do butterfly .Cut toothpick into a shorter length.

Cut transparent plastic card and also red colour card to a butterfly shape.Sticked them together.The toothpick as the body of butterfly,and cut the brushes of paint brush as the tentacle of butterfly.

Again i used double-sided adhesive to stick the butterfly on the card.
The usage of the ribbon is suppose to be a flower,but i couldn't find other ribbon ,so that i bought it.

Suppose that i want to stick the ribbon to all the side of the card,but i already used 10 hours ++ on doing the card,from afternoon till night,and the ribbon is not that easy to make it fix on the card,so that i gave up.
This is the cards i already finished.

I hope 2 of them will like it as i already put all my love ,my time on doing it.

To make cards is not an easy job,from those photos u might think it is very easy and can do it in a short time,it might be my problem, i used 10 hours ++ to do 2 cards seriously.
The ideas and design is not 100% from mine,i got the ideas when i went to parade that day to buy birthday present to them,from YouTube and from one of the blog..
Anyway,wish them will like it and
Happy Early Birthday to Kar Kar & Pei Yee.

Friday, 18 March 2011

DIY nail art

Today is a boring day for me,stay at home,may be because of period,i don't wish to do anything included do some  revision.Stay in front of my laptop whole day,FB,Blog,listen to songs,watch drama......I really don't have the motivation to do anything .
Tomorrow will have a date with my dear friends for their Pre 19th birthday celebration.So just do a little DIY nail art...
But i would like to show my work of last week.I only polish one of my finger,is just for fun.Let's see..

Is my favorite => RIBBON

This is my today work...

Step 1 = Polish orange colour enamel at the upper part of the nails.

Step 2 = After the the orange colour enamel has dry,draw few lines on top with those use to draw nail art which have very thin brush. I edited the photo to make it easy see the brush...

Step 3 = Polish top coat to make it last longer and make my nails shiny .

Ps: I might not use branded nail polishes.Hope my readers won't mind. 

This is the result...Is just a simple DIY work to fill up my boring time.
Is it okay ?

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Express my felling

This post is to express my feeling.Long-winded post...sorry...


Today is not a good day for me,not because of i step on shit ,i fall down or what .
Early in the morning,i woke up to prepare to campus,but my stomach still not feeling well,so decided not going to campus again,i absent for 2 days . I saw my message,my marketing assignment group leader sent me a message say that my works have a lot of irrelevant & wrong things...i let my tutor check already one,she told me that the tutor roughly check only,and say my works must can not get a higher marks,if i don't correct it also can ,she that is a group work,she can't !!! what she said !!! i asked her to say out all the irrelevant things,my assignment company is IKEA, what IKEA packaging & labeling should have ? is that the expired date of the furnitures ??? come on !!! think lah..I didn't ask my tutor,my tutor automatic told me no need do that parts because IKEA don't have.She told me do the dining table of that series,but today she told me need to do other products in the series also.OKAY,this i accept,this can correct it easily.BUT i feel that the leader judge me as the one who don't do work,hey please,i don't know how to do so that i haven't do,and after i did,u say need to choose one series ,i need to redo again.Next day u tell me do it faster,other group finished already,but u changed the thing ,i need time to do again right ? the expired date is on next Wednesday,but this week i already finished n already let tutor check already...i'm lazy,i admit,but i will do the thing i need to do !!!


My housemate...due to i didn't go to campus today,so that can ask my housemate fetch me.I thought Gia Wei till 5pm ,he till 4pm today,wait 1 hour,not over right ? Gia Wei ask him whether can fetch or not,but he just ask him don't "kacau" him.3 something when he prepared to back ,i went out ask him,n he said he never say "yes".Hey,u say Gia Wei every time also like this,but u know u too ??? every time we ask u something ,u always don't answer probably.U say u don't know how to reject,but we need your answer to plan other things one .U reject then we can find other way to settle our problem.I told u the problem before,but u just ignore what i told u.Furthermore,as a friends,n also housemate,sometime ask u help us for such a little thing u also don't wiling to help. To be a friend,what can help then just help ,but u are not.I never regret to post the thing i post on my blog about u before.U ! NOT GENTLEMEN ! Have u ever think that we r friends n also housemate?tolerate is important.Your attitude,your action,u know all of us are tolerating ?i guess u don't know,u know u also ignore about it..Anyway,as u like,u think your action is true,then i also can't do anything.U think what is a "friend" mean to u ...n why so many people will angry of many people angry on u must have their common reason.U don't want to explain,u don't want to accept ,this problem will not be settle and many other problems will have in future.Listen to other is not a bad thing n might good to u also.Don't be so stubborn.
Gia Wei,is i say follow his car one..sorry ...
loon,i might say something hurt u again,sorry,but i say the truth,U THINK YOURSELF lah..

I think i finish my post...

Monday, 14 March 2011

What a touching night

What was happened tonight ?
came back to hostel after dinner,and on my blog and my Facebook too.saw some video that really touched my heart,and i cry because of the video.
let me show it :

What i thought when i saw this video was my "kam mou" (my dog),will it do so to my family ? But i sure do not like to see those scene happen on everyone around me.I can't afford the pain n suffering physically n even mentally.
The video is not the scene for this time earthquake and tsunami in Japan,but

The natural disaster is really horrible ,save the earth,save our life...
let me end up this post through another video that i watched just now,it is song,is a nice is not a song specially for Japan also,but what we will think of after seeing this will automatically think of Japan.
again...Let's pray for JAPAN...

Sunday, 13 March 2011


Last Friday,11/3/2011,my "kai ma" fetched me to Parade at 12 something. I went there because of want to buy birthday present to 2 of my dear friends,Kar Kar & Pei Yee.Suppose that i went there on Saturday,due to some problems,i force to go on Friday.N suppose that Pei Yee not going also,due to some problems,she came together..

The outfit of that day.First time try to stuck in my shirt to shopping. Good try ?? wonder
my reader are very welcome to drop me a comment to tell me whether my outfit is okay or not or where can i improve...

I walk around the Parade alone,searching here n there,up n down.What i bought finally ?After i give them the present i just post it .
At around 2pm ,Kar Kar n Pei Yee came to Parade meet with me .They came after school dismissed.We had our lunch at kopitiam . 

Our lunch...

This is my meal.I will ordered this normally,because it's quite nice.But that day i ate it again.seem not that nice as before.Feel a bit disappointed.

This is my another one that i will ordered normally,cucumber lemon juice.I don't like to drink vegetable juice actually,but this beverage is excepted.
My meals...

After our lunch,Pei Yee accompany me to buy facial cleanser n toner.While Kar Kar go to buy bear bear to Pei Yee as present.Pei Yee told Kar Kar that she want a bear bear ,so that Kar Kar n her friends share to buy for her.Kar Kar asked me whether want share with her or not,but i already think what to by for them long time ago,so i don't share with her.
After that we meet at Popular,i bought a bottle finally.Why i say finally ? is because of i wanna buy a new bottle long long time ago,but i don't have go out,so finally i bought a new one.

My new bottle,*RED*...yeah ~

I saw "him" 2 times that day,first time is when i went to the shop that i bought presents,second times is i accompany Kar Kar to go in a shop to buy something,2 places also near to his working place.I don 't know whether he saw me or not,i don't care.One thing that i know is ,I AM OKAY after saw him.I'M VERY VERY FINE. XIAO WEN, GOOD JOB.

At around 3 something we took bus to UO Greentown.After i paid the fee i just realised that i haven't take something.Luckily the bus driver still waiting for other customers,so i rushed back to Parade as fast as i can,i scared the bus driver don't wait me.Kar Kar bought something at UO then we wait Pei Yee's father came,her dad fetch me back to her house,n i wait my mother came to fetch me back.

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