Saturday, 23 February 2013

Purple Cane Tea House @ Ipoh

Back to school after CNY holiday and so much of assignments,midterm tests waiting me and there is 2 midterm test on Saturday :-o First time i experience 2 tests in a day. Running nose yesterday night and i thought it might be because of the cold weather but i still feel not feeling well today and i really catch a cold. WHY at this busiest period ??? Feel a little bit dizzy all the day and i just feel i have a little bit sore throat ! OMG,OH NO !! :(
Back to the topic, Xiao Tung and i went to Purple Cane Tea House(紫藤) after Bread Espresso Dessert.

Accessories of the day.

First time i came here. Wanted to go long time ago and like finally i got the chance.

Xiao Tung's rotus root chicken tea soup(莲藕茶汤),RM6.90.

The environment is so nice. 

There is tea,tea making accessories selling there.

Is the environment impress u ?

Xiao Tung with her tea.

My lemon glass black tea(香茅红茶), RM5.90.
It's got some ginger taste which i not really like,but something that u don't like always something that good for u ! Like me, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine said that ginger good for me and i need to eat /drink more,but i not really like the taste.
Spring romance pudding(焦糖布丁), RM4,it using Rose Tea.
There is Summer green pudding which using Green Tea(绿茶布丁),Autumn tea jelly using Dong Ding Oolong(乌龙茶凍) and cold winter jelly using Jasmine tea(茉莉茶凍). (4 seasons)

This Spring romance pudding taste good ! 

Glutinous rice ball in rose soya bean,玫瑰豆浆汤圆.

Have a nice day with Xiao Tung. Sometime i prefer this kind of tea session rather than shopping because i can blog more, eat more and visit different places. But it make my blog full of foods,drinks and desserts.
haha. But i love shopping too. to eat,play and shopping !

Xiao Tung look like a doll in these 2 photos.
First photo is a cute doll and the second photo is a fierce doll. 
Our next tea session might be after our final exam which is on May. Can't wait for that !

Stay turn~
Take care to all.
Have a nice day.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

B.E.D @ Ipoh AGAIN

It's Chu 7 and it's the day i date with Xiao Tung as we said that want to hang out during CNY before. She gave me 2 choices of where to go one is B.E.D and another one i forgot. I make decision immediately without thinking ! 
The braid is my real hair not those hairband that selling in the market.

THIS ! The reason why i choose B.E.D without thinking .
I name it as "Ribbon in the love" latte.

So happy to have ribbon coffee art !!! Ribbon lover aka me,wants everything in ribbon. hahaha
Can i have another design of ribbon next time or write my name on the coffee ??? *greedy*
But i really hope to have different coffee art design every time i go there.

From "Hokkaido" with love cupcake, RM3. 

Xiao Tung's hazelnut latte.
She don't like coffee as she got bad experience before, so good that she let me choose B.E.D . It's her first cup of coffee with coffee art. Coffee art attract a person who don't like coffee. Miracle :D

Finding the best angle.

Xiao Tung.

I was shocked when i placed order.
Me : I want latte. Erm...can i have.......
Barista : Ribbon ?
Me : Huh ??? U remember me ???
Barista : We are trying and investigating how to make ribbon.

I was shocked before this is my 2nd time to be there means he only seen me once before that but he can recognized me and remember that i want a ribbon coffee art as i request when the first time i went there but they do not know how to make it.I didn't expect that he remember that i want ribbon even remember me. It's my request too special so that he remember me ? But it's good that he remember me because i can have ribbon coffee art finally. 
*happy like a kid*

Caffe latte, RM6.80.
Hazelnut latte, RM8.80.

Pattern !
But it's my feeling because thousand unwilling to stir the it ! I even told Xiao Tung that i need to take many photos so that the coffee can die gloriously. hahaha. Funny me..

Some photos are similar with the previous post of Bread Espresso Dessert

I chose latte just because the color of the coffee is darker so that the coffee art can be seen clearly.
I still love cappuccino after i tried latte.

Last photo.
Pattern again ! I think the coffee really dead gloriously after i took so much of photos.  Can't wait for the next time i visit again but don't know when is it.

Went to Purple Cane after that,will update about it on next post.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

CNY 2013 ~ Part 2

It's Chu 2 which is the day i go KL relative houses,mother side. We started our journey after breakfast and this time only 5 person go which is lesser than previous years because my 3rd brother need to work and the other 2 brothers didn't have bring along their gf. 
With cousin's leng zai baby aka my nephew.
He got a pair of big eyes and luckily he didn't cry although it's my time meet and hug him. I always scare those baby who like to cry because i not good in make them stop crying or smile.

Received 2 Essie nail lacquers from aunt.
*happy like a kid*

Cathy baby.
She is the cutest baby i met so far from her outlook and also what she said.

She not crying but smiling. hahaha
She even told my mum that "I want u", and when we gonna leave and she said " i want aunt" to her grandma.How cute is she ! She good in talking compared with her sis.She might be a talkative girl in future. haha. She naughty but she damn cute.

Chu 3.

Apple tree ??

Chloe and Ivan.
Cathy's sister and brother.

Me : Do u want to eat apple ?
Ivan : The apple can eat ?
Me : You bite and u will know it.
Ivan : Ah Ma, the apple can eat or not ?
His Granma : You test and u will know.
My Mami : You bite once and you u will know is it real.
Ivan : Mammy, the apple is real or fake one ?
His mummy : You bite and u will know it.

Guess what ? He really bite it after so many "trusted" person asked him to bite . hahha. And for sure he know it is fake one after bite but he know it before he bite also just so many of us keep persuaded him to bite and he just so confuse. 
*evil laugh*

Elder sister of Ivan,Chloe and Cathy.

The traditional way of steambot.

Not much people will use it even see it.

2nd aunt and my Mami.

Chu 4.
It's not a good day for me because it's my first day of period and make my not feeling and the worst thing was i forgot to bring the medicine and normal medicine is just useless to me .
No mood to make up,no mood to play,no mood to eat also. I only ate a little bit things and i slept once i reached aunt's house until 11am. I seldom sleep until so late and when u sleep over 10am means something wrong with me that day.

Lou Sang is a must for CNY.

Sing k session is a must for our annual dinner during CNY.

Eugene baby.
Is he look like Jason Chen ? How many percent they both look alike ??

(Time flies and have to go back to Kampar tomorrow :'( can i say no ?)

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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