Tuesday, 27 March 2012

IS presentation

 IS = Information System.
My group and our tutor and also my lecturer.

 IS assignment was a tough assignment,i bet many of us think the same also.And our tutor gave us pressure on the first few weeks also.But feel that she quite nice after more than half semester.

 Everyone were wearing trousers ,not because we want that,was the rule set by our tutor.

 My groupmates.

 New friend of mine,Mei Chia.

 The girl standing behind us spoiled the photo.

 Me,Chew Yee and Wei Thing.
Both of them are my Foundation year 1 sem 1 groupmates.

The first time i wear trousers for presentation.Honestly,i still prefer skirt.Skirt is nicer.

This post is just to update that i wear trousers for presentation.the first time !

Brother's birthday

 Okayyyyy...this post should be on February,but now is already end of March.Don't give reason again,i always say the reason when i update the blog.

 Straight to the point. 4th of February was my 3rd brother's birthday.
This cake was bought from his GF,to gave him a surprise,his GF brought the cake to my house before my brother back home.

 My brother brought us to eat Pizza Hut as dinner.I remember that he came back late that day,almost 8pm he just reached home due to work.We all hungry max,but we still need to wait.

 Yea~He the one who paid for the Pizza Hut although he was the one who birthday.haha

 The sweet couple.

Happy belated birthday to my brother and wish his dream come true.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

City of Arva ~ 10

Wooooow...The first time i write a post for 10 posts long...need celebration may be...hehehe
Okay...this is the last post ! The celebration dinner of the event !

 Everyone expecting for this dinner before that included me.

 We went to "yum nei sek",a steamboat + BBQ shop.

 Fried eggs ???
Yes ! It was..

 Maggie mee ?
What we gonna do ?

 Ya! Fried maggie me.

 With eggs and "belacan".

Creative,but not that nice...

 Ice-cream after the dinner.

 And photo session for SURE !

 Tummy was so HUGE that day...ate too much...very very full .

All of us that day...
But not all the helpers because some of them absent.
Due to we earned some money,so that we only pay RM10 for the dinner instead of RM20.But the important   thing was we all happy !

Thanks ARVA for giving me this chance to recognized u all (although some only hi-bye friends or even not,but some are more than hi-bye friends).GREAT! It such a best event i ever participated in UTAR now.

There still lots of post other than ARVA waiting for me and u all :)

Saturday, 17 March 2012

City of Arva ~ 9

The event had ended finally after 1 year planning.
With Min Zhi and Mun Yee.

With Sayang and Mun Yee.

So,before everything being dismantled,we had a group photo,but still some of them not in the photo due to some problem. 

The best shoot !
I like this very very much.
1,2,3,4 and 5 then they shouted that "move in front" and make this amazing photo !


Red wrapped blue.

We really really had a lot of fun that day.
See ! We even slept on the dirty floor.We didn't care too much,as long long it was fun.

All the things became rubbish within 1 hour .


Funny them...

The second when someone cut off the rope and the paper felt down my heart felt pain ! No kidding, used a long long time to set up the things,and it's not an easy job,but it just so easy to dismantle. Our hard work became rubbish so easy and fast.

Everyone said that this exhibition should be held longer but not only 3 days ! I think the same too.

I being hurt by the chairs when they dismantled this,because i'm inside and the chairs to hold all the things felt down,i waist hurt,no blood,but pain.It's very pain,but i still can stand for it so i just said that i'm okay.Few days after that,my waist still pain if i touched it.BTW,is really okay now.


Wow...nice shoot.So man...haha

Oppps...My parents said "dai gek lei si" when they saw this photo on FB.

Everything were treasure before the event,
everything were rubbish after the event.

With Andy.

A lorry from recycle center came and collect all the rubbish.
All the things back to the place that belong to them as they came from recycle center also.

I really really really miss the time when gathered and played and worked with u all. You all just too good for me,i miss u all seriously.

There will be the last post about City of Arva.
~To be continue~

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