Sunday, 18 March 2012

City of Arva ~ 10

Wooooow...The first time i write a post for 10 posts long...need celebration may be...hehehe
Okay...this is the last post ! The celebration dinner of the event !

 Everyone expecting for this dinner before that included me.

 We went to "yum nei sek",a steamboat + BBQ shop.

 Fried eggs ???
Yes ! It was..

 Maggie mee ?
What we gonna do ?

 Ya! Fried maggie me.

 With eggs and "belacan".

Creative,but not that nice...

 Ice-cream after the dinner.

 And photo session for SURE !

 Tummy was so HUGE that day...ate too much...very very full .

All of us that day...
But not all the helpers because some of them absent.
Due to we earned some money,so that we only pay RM10 for the dinner instead of RM20.But the important   thing was we all happy !

Thanks ARVA for giving me this chance to recognized u all (although some only hi-bye friends or even not,but some are more than hi-bye friends).GREAT! It such a best event i ever participated in UTAR now.

There still lots of post other than ARVA waiting for me and u all :)

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