Monday, 25 March 2013

Easy Bow Hair Tutorial

If you are my follower,i bet you know that i'm a big big ribbon lover ! I tried to make bow hairdo long time ago but FAILED. I saw many photos and searched the tutorial from YouTube about the steps how to make bow hair until my friend tagged me in one of the photo and i got the impulse to try again. I am succeed this time. So happy !

At first,i just think to make photo tutorial but after i tried,it is quite difficult since no one is helping me to take photo so i have to take photo and make the bow hair all by myself. So i decided to make video tutorial which is much more easy actually.

Remember PRACTICE MAKE PERFECT ! For those who have medium or long hair are able to DIY this bow hair.

Here is the video tutorial :
Let's learn this updo bow hair and you can have a special hairstyle when outing.

Here the photo tutorial : 
 I think video tutorial is more easy for understanding.
Hope you like it.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Which One Cafe @ Kampar

Went Which One Cafe to have an early dinner after 4pm class with Xiao Tung and Cheng yee on Thursday. 
This is my 4th time to be there and what i like about this cafe is their desserts !!! 

Felt guilty to eat cold thing as doctor advice me not to eat cold thing. I try my best not to eat cold thing already,but this dessert !!!!! I never eat chilled mango sago cream with pomelo (杨枝甘露){left} before,so so so... :'( Btw, their chilled mango sago cream with pomelo do not have pomelo.
Xiao Tung ordered mango sago (芒果西米露){right}.

3 of us ordered spaghetti ..hahaha

Seafood spaghetti.
I forget the actual name of the foods.

Hawaii spaghetti.

As what we described it, it is "so Hawaii"...hahha.. Taste good.

The portion is so big and we all were so full !

As what Xiao Tung said:" A satisfied meal"

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Alley Johns @ Kampar

This post should be post few week ago but due to busyness and laziness and i delayed until now.
Alley Johns is new chilling place in Kampar which located behind of Old Town Kopitam @ Kampar.

Actually i went there 2 times and both also went with Susu.

The first time we went there just because of curiousness and also i want to go out for a walk.
The 2nd time i went there is because of this coffee...The so called "Dik Dik Coffee".


I was so headache on that day due to the super hot weather and we walked out for brunch under hot sun. I was even headache after the coffee. Regret to take coffee when headache. My head was like going to burst that night !

The photos below are taken when the first time we visited.

There got many different types of Japanese crepe.

We just want to try so we had choose the cheapest one and we also think that the crepe is too soft,we prefer it is crispy one.

Done my 2 presentations of this semester continuously for 2 days. I know many of my friends having continuous more than 2 days of presentation, so i still not the critical one. Left one individual presentation 2 weeks later. 
This was my 1st presentation look. Yes,i'm wearing Polo-T because out tutor allowed us to wear semi-formal for that presentation.

 Here is the 2nd presentation which we have to wear formal.
Recognize so many pretty girl. My pressure :D

I changed my heels to flat ,a bit weird so i make it blur.

 Left is Lok Yee who i recognized her during since last 2 sem i think,getting closer since last sem because we have same classes. So great to meet this girl,she is so lovely and pretty. 
Right is Pooi Fun who i recognized her since secondary school,long time no see her and great that in the same tutorial class with her this semester. She is so pretty as well,like her eyes so much ! Her eyes are like smiling !! 

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Vegan Life @ Kampar

Seriously,i have nothing to blog. T_T
Here is the food post. Vegan Life @ Kampar.
The environment is so nice.
From the shop name and u know it is Vegetarian Restaurant.

Went there with Xiao Tung and Cheng Yee and coincidentally met Sydney, Carmen Tam and Carmun Yip.
Free soup.

Sky juice.
 It's free also.

Vegan Life special fries rice, RM5.90.

Wanted to try this so long and finally i'm here.
Vegan mic mushroom rice, Rm6.90.

Nice !

Look good,gonna try this next time.

They even have bak kut teh.
Heard that it taste nice also.

Actually every food of Vegan Life taste good. 

Stay turn.
have a nice day.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Sweet Hug again

It's still CNY post..opps..Dated housemates to have our dinner as CNY dinner. The most difficult question is "where to eat",scratched our head for weeks with this question and finally we chose Sweet Hug since Gia Wei never been there before.
Here the first post about Sweet Hug House :

Mushroom cheese bake rice.
Set (main course + drinks) : RM10.80

With mushroom and chicken inside.

Susu's fish and chips.
The french fries is like bigger than the fish. It came with a super small portion even me will still feel nothing inside my stomach after finish it i guess.
Set : RM12.80

Gia Wei's honey chicken chop.
It's came after Susu and me almost finish our meal and we already ate at a very slow speed.
Set : RM13.80

I think we don't come back again unless for their chocolate/cheese fondue.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Kuil Seen Hock Yeen @ Ipoh

Was busy of midterm last week. I had 2 midterm tests in a day which was yesterday however some of my friends even had 3-4 midterm tests last week. It's CRAZY !!! Busy on revision so i have no time to blog last week and another reason is i out of thing to blog recently so delay some post so that i seem like got thing to blog. I continue with my CNY post although CNY was passed or i can said CNY is coming again (next year) ? sound better right ? hahaha...It's Chu 8,had a breakfast with secondary schoolmates.

 Saw Woon and me wore the same color of outfit coincidentally :D 

The friends i wanna met and this also the purpose of the breakfast.

Went to Kuil Seen Hock Yeen@Chemor,Ipoh (善学院@朱毛)after breakfast. Jenson joined Gia Wei and me.

This place look nice right ??? Took so many landscape photos that day. 

It's my 3/4 times of visit however it's my first time of visit after added some things which i will tell later.

They give money to students who get A in PMR and SPM. 
I got some money for my PMR, but i didn't get money for SPM because i didn't register.
We are one family :D Monkey's family...hahha
Don't just spot "that" place please ! I bet u know what i means !

The 12 zodiacs .

Welcome to Seen Hock Yeen !

Here the another place that it haven't build when the last time i visit here.

Eighteen arhats bronze statues (十八罗汉铜像).

Confucius bronze statue.

There is a big car park,no worry that u can't find parking unless it's really crowded on specific day.  

Boring of city life or want to visit some places other than city ? Here the nice place u can visit.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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