Monday, 31 December 2012

Burps & Giggles @ Ipoh

It's 2013 ! New year starting with new blog post and also new blog design. Used few days time to create and changed everything. Wanted to use my photo to be the header however it doesn't turn out nicely and i recalled the cartoon drawing of me which drew by Xiao Tung and so i used it. How is it ? Thanks to Xiao Tung drew that for me and i can used it now which i never think of. 

Back to the topic,i think many of you heard of Burps & Giggles before. It's a unique cafe that located at Old Town,Ipoh. It become famous out of sudden due to the power of FB, More and more people share photo taken in the cafe which attracted many people to play a visit. Word-of-mouth is the cheapest yet powerful advertising tool.

Don't come on Tuesday !!

Let's see how unique is the cafe that attract so many people.

The menu.
Burgers are the main food they selling.
Their foods are a bit cozy but try once or twice is still acceptable.


Below are the environment of the place we sat.

No doubt, it is pillow make by gunny bag.

The yellow mustard is quite tasty.

Poulet, RM16.

Jammy, RM18.

My cup of latte, RM10. Searched on Google about their latte and wanted to try it just because of the coffee art on it (i like coffee art!). It suppose a love shape but.....a bit disappointed .

My Harvey, RM16.

All burgers came with a knife.

The unique of the cafe not only that all. See more photos on below... 

Let's see what's inside the room.

It's dresser.

The black "box" is lift.
What my friend told me is the 2nd story is guesthouse.

People can eat at here also.

Ming Heng and Chung.

Gia Wei.

Gia Wei with the moo moo i bought for her as Christmas gift.

The U.S.Peter and the black and white color shop is Burps & Giggles. Don't think u found the wrong place.

Stay turn~
Happy 2013.
Have a nice day.

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