Sunday, 26 January 2014

Patisserie BoutiQue @ Ipoh

Before Patisserie BoutiQue opened and i already knew it from FB but i thought it just Bread shop but after heard from my friend and they told me it is cafe. The space is quite small. 

Eiffel Tower on the wall and on the counter as well. For those who order coffee, there may have Eiffel Tower on your cup of coffee too. I knew this from Instagram/FB photos. 

Although i feel like to drink coffee but i chose tea.
Harrods Strawberry Fruit Flavor Tea, RM8.
I drank many type of tea from other cafe but the taste is suck. I will recommend you to try out Harrods Tea because it taste nice. Xiao Tung said it taste good too!

I forgot the name of this, ordered by Xiao Tung, and she doesn't like it much.

Never try of Creme Brulee before so i decided to try it, RM8.
I think the sugar is overheated, because it taste a bit bitter.

Another curled hair that used hair straightener.
Passed by Plan B so "borrow" the background for this photo. haha. Fyi, the back door of Burps & Giggles, The Roquette Cafe and Patisserie BoutiQue also can go to Plan B.

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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Ben & Lynette @ Ipoh

Cafe is one of the trend these days, more and more and more cafe open no matter in KL, Penang or Ipoh. But personally think that the price range of those cafe in Ipoh is so expensive, it even similar with those cafe in KL ! How can it be ?! With that, i think it is more worth to visit those cafe in KL for example Tous Les Jours which the place is so classy and located at the busy area but the food price is not expensive as i thought !  
Ben & Lynette which located just beside Secret Garden @ Ipoh. 

Cafe Latte, RM10.

Moroccan Mint Tea, RM10.
RM10 for a cup of tea is already expensive and it is more expensive and not worth for the price when it doesn't taste nice.  

Mini chicken mushroom pie, RM4.

Lynette's special, RM10.90
The upper layer is chocolate, the middle layer is milk both are too sweet for me.

No service because self service is require but there is government charge.

Childhood memories !

Vintage stuffs is so nice.

White horse but without prince is not perfect. :(

Open kitchen.

I had passed the last few hours of 2013 and first 1 hour of 2014 with them. 

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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Harold's Bread @ Ipoh

Have you ever expect Subway will open in Ipoh ? Honestly, i really wish it will happen soon. But there is a substitute of Subway now in Ipoh with is Harold's Bread. Why do i said it is substitute ? Let's continue reading this post...
Harold's Bread located opposite of Plan B @ Ipoh.
We were there around 10pm, and all the breads having buy 2 free 1 promotion and we bought quite many for breakfast of next day.

This cafe is Halal.

So here why i said it's substitute of Subway. I don't have try it that day, but i may go back again to try it because it look nice and i really miss Subway.

Passionade, RM3.90

Chocolate, RM6.90

Latte, RM5.90

A belated birthday celebration of Poh Yi.
Thanks the boss allowed us to bring birthday cake in that day. 

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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Old Town White Coffee @ M Boutique Hotel, Ipoh

What so special for me to blog about Old Town White Coffee shop ? Old Town White Coffee shops are all similar with the interior design and menu in all states i think but the Old Town White Coffee shop that i want to blog today is different with others in term of interior design and also the menu. 
Let's see how unique is this Old Town White Coffee shop. It given a name of " the most high class Old Town White Coffee shop".

The environment is more comfortable and classy. Don't you think so ? 
It located in the new hotel of Ipoh which is M Boutique Hotel

Sweet Corn Smoothie, RM8.80.

Ocean Mint Nata Fizz,RM7.80.

 Old Town Minced Chicken with mushroom, RM12.90.

 I forgot the name of this chicken chop.
I'm not too sure that whether the menu is different from other Old Town White Coffee shops but i think it is.

There is another place to dine in which also located in the hotel. The guard told us that we can take photo inside but too bad we are rushing of time so we didn't go in but i quite regret because the interior design is more nice.

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Friday, 10 January 2014

Galaxy Star Cafe @ Ipoh

I think many of you know about some deals of Groupon which can let you dine in at a cheaper price than the normal price. It's my second times to try this kind of deal but not from Groupon but Living Social. Have you ever heard of Living Social ? It's similar to Groupon, it operated some times in other states and it finally reached Ipoh.  
The vouchers that i used on that day. With this RM10 voucher, i can eat up to RM20 and i bought 2 vouchers, so i can eat up to RM40.

It located behind Hotel Ipoh City and same row with Restaurant Pusing Public(民众酒家).

Free snack is available.

Citron honey tea(柚子蜜茶), RM3.90

Black pepper fried udon, RM9.90
Their foods and drinks are delicious !

Smoked duck breast, RM16.

It's is recommended because it taste good and the duck is so soft to be eat.
Our bill is RM37 but since i used the voucher which i paid ealier when i bought it, so i only paid for RM20 instead of RM37.

I used hair straightener to curl my hair that day. The effect is different from what i want but i successfully learned how to use straightener to curl my hair.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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