Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Plan b @ Ipoh

This was an exciting news when all Ipoh people knew Plan b will be opened is Ipoh and there was so many people post about Plan b on social media. I'm the one who feel excited as well because i wanna try their eggs benedict and i was there finally with Xiao Tung !  
Luckily it was weekdays so it is not hard to find parking there.

As usual,the environment photos.

The environment is not as grand and big as we thought.
It should be a date if 3 girls but ended up only Xiao Tung and me because Poh Yi not able to make it last minute.

Spicy Aglio Olio Spaghettini (olive oil,slow-roasted garlic & chillies), RM16.
It a bit too try and the taste is just so so.

Finally i tried tried eggs benedict ! It my very first time to eat eggs benedict as well.

A big bottle of plain water is free for every table.

Eggs Benedict (2 poaches eggs,grilled turkey bacon & hallandaise, on toasted sourdough muffin), RM16.
For me,it is so so so expensive ! But since i craving for it so long so i just ordered it. I even told myself thar i want to learn how to cook it so that i can have it at home but i don't know where can buy the muffin. Anyone of you know where can buy it in Ipoh ?

But honestly it taste good !

The pattern queen. haha

Like this photo so much, credited to Xiao Tung.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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