Friday, 23 August 2013

{AD} inkugram

I believe many of you own an Instagram account right ? The social media that based on photo and video. Many people included me like to share our photo / video to Instagram instead of FB anymore. Seriously i used to post many photos in FB before i have Instagram account until few of my friends told me that they always saw my photo once they log in to FB. I feel awkward honestly. So i decided to post photos in Instagram instead of FB after that. 
Have you ever think that to make the photos that you shared to Instagram become a physical photo ? I never think of that until i saw someone post a "Instagram wall" on FB. That is something like he stick many of his Instagram photos to the wall of his room. I feel like to make for myself also but i didn't action. 

inkugram make my dream come true !
They have a giveaway last few weeks and i'm one of the winner ! So luckyyy.. I can choose 24 of my Instagram photos then they print them out for free.

I arranged all of them into a Ribbon shape ..hahha..ribbon again !
The quality is so good, i like them very very much. yourself inside ! If you appear inside, it means that you means a lot to me ! But too bad i don't have photo of my family members inside Instagram.. Nevermind, may be i can print it our again next time.
I think many of you are interested to print your Instagram photos right ? I know it because there is few of my friends asked me about inkugram 
Clike and like their page for more information.

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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

St Mike's @ Ipoh

The day i went for lunch with Gia Wei in Ipoh. We went there directly from Kampar. Another place to dine in. This place has opened for a long time i guess but i never knew this until i saw a friend post the food photos in FB.  

Both of us order set lunch because set lunch always more cheaper.
Watermelon juice is fix and cannot be change.

Mushroom soup in a big portion and we start to feel full after finished it. The mushroom soup here is different from what we normally have outside. This is with some prawn inside and it taste good.

Counter BBQ Chicken.
We thought our main course will be in big size as well since the mushroom soup was so much but we were wrong ! The chicken was so mini in size. But luckily it was in small size also because we both are so full. 

Deep Fried Fish.
I not really like the taste of fish.
Each set cost RM15.90 ++

She wore a formal because she had presentation before that.

Blur photo but photo records our memories.

Another place that can be sit.

I think the environment at night will be more nice.

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Saturday, 17 August 2013

{AD} BeautyQ Milk Foot Mask

Face mask, eyes mask, hair mask... have you ever heard of foot mask ? Is great that if you heard before, if no, then i'm here to introduce you about foot mask.
BeautyQ Milk Foot Mask from Hermo 

It's my first time using foot mask but luckily there is clear instruction guide me step by step. It‘s easy !

Wear socks so that you are able to walk.
Wash it off with water after 60-90 minutes.

This was the 2-3 days after the foot mask and all the dead skin peel off, it took 5-7 days. It make the floor quite dirty during the peel off process which i don't like but it is the effect and purpose of this foot mask. I keep applied lotion on ankle area because it is too itchy and i can't stand with it. I not sure whether is my skin sensitive to the chemical of the mask or the dryness that make it to peel off dead skin make me itchy. So i kept apply lotion and ended up only dead skin of my foot palm peel off. Every people will have different result of using it as our skin types are different like our face. 
However, my foot palm is so soft now. It is good to remove dead skin sometimes. This foot mask is recommended to be use every 3 months. You can purchase it from , they have great offer everyday, do check it daily so that you can purchase things that you want at a great price. I have 2 buying experience before and i feel great because i purchase skincare products that hardly buy from Ipoh at a discount price and the provide flash delivery !  

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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Food Trip to Teluk Intan

Finally i able to have the famous Poh Loong Restaurant's steamboat @ Teluk Intan, Perak. I know that many Kampar's students drive all the way from Kampar to Teluk Intan just to eat their steamboat. I went there once while during exam period. I know that i was way to brave to do that because i still able to travel to Teluk Intan but not stay at home study study and study. BUT, unfortunately that Poh loong Restaurant was closed !! What a big joke. But the joke never end because when we went to the famous Chee Cheong Fun and it wad closed as well ! Big Big that we just simply ate something nearby and back to Kampar to have another famous Chee Cheong Fun @ Pasar, Kampar.   
Why Poh Loong Restaurant so famous with their steamboat ? Because they many variety of foods and drink provided that you can eat without a limit at only RM26 per pax if i'm not mistaken. It's more worth to go there on every Wednesday because it is Lady's Night that every 2 girls will get 1 free, which mean that if there is 3 person and any 2 of them are girls, then you only need to pay RM52 instead of RM78.

 Seafood, chicken, pork, vegetables, dim sum, ice kacang, ice cream, dessert.....  There is so many types of them. You also can choose to take some meat and let the workers to cook for you. 
It only part of what we ate that day, definitely won't eat so less !
Salmon is available that day.

What i like about Poh Loong steamboat is they really have many types of foods and drinks to choose but what i don't like and it gave me a bad impression is that the restaurant is dirty ! We saw a small cockroach on the table and we just told a waitress nearby us, she just stand at there and smile some more ! WOW ! That's not your responsibility to catch the cockroach and say sorry to us but "enjoy" seeing my housemate to catch it. It's one of the sign of dirtiness of the restaurant and the second sign is the bottom of all  the plates and bowls are black in color. How dare to go there again ???

With my housemates and roommate. This dinner is our farewell gathering as well because they going to graduate soon. They will be with me for another 2 weeks i think. It's sad seriously, we have been together for 3 years ++ and we have to separate now. My Kampar's life will not be so smooth and great without you all. But we still can meet up in Ipoh !

The Teluk Intan must go place is Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan (Menara Jam Condong Teluk Intan,安顺斜塔).

A great night with them. 

The famous Teluk Intan Chee Cheong Fun i mentioned earlier in this post and i able to try it this time. Liew Kee(Ah Lek) Chee Cheong Fun,燎记(俹立)猪肠粉, it located somewhere near to the Leaning Tower,(No 725, Jalan Hill Teluk Intan). If not mistaken, this is available for take away only. RM4.20 per pack.
This Chee Cheong Fun is different from what we used to eat normally that with sauce, this is is without sauce and with shrimp inside. 

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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

{AD} DIY Nail Art - Nail Dress

Want to have pretty nails done in a short time and not only plain color one. I found a very useful tool that helps me a lot. Always feel like want to have pretty nails during exam time but to apply nail lacquer will use up many study time but with this tool, my problem solved ! 
Here is it ! Nail Dress !

You can have many different way to use Nail Dress.

Purchase Nail Dress at Sasa !

Here is my way to style my nails.

Used the nail grinding tool to remove the excess sticker in one direction.

Here the french manicure.
Easy right ?

Another style on my toenails.
Hope you like it and purchase your favorite design of Nail Dress from Sasa Store .

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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Loong Moon Cake Shop @ Ipoh

This shop is not newly open but i believe that not much people know this place. I got to know this shop through someone's instagram. Searched for their FB and location before i went there. This place located at Chemor, just behind of Shell petrol station. It's easy to find.
It actually has 2 shops which one is cake shop and the shop beside it is available to dine in. Kar Kar's car parked in front of the cake shop so i just went in to the cake shop but we can't see anyplace that we can dine in and the environment is different from what i saw in the photo i searched before. There was a girl brought us the the shop beside it .. Ya ! that's the right place !

Passion fruit juice, RM3.50.
Esprit's Raspberry Sparkling Water, RM8-RM10. 

Japanese Cheese Cake, RM5.50.

Look attractive right ???
Can't resists for the attractiveness of dessert !
It so soft and fresh..

Spotted Gingerbread Man biscuit. 

Mushroom chicken rice(蘑菇炸鸡扒饭), RM6.50.

Chicken pop corn sandwich, RM4.80.
It look like burger rather than a sandwich right ? But it really taste good !

Every shops do have their special feature, so for Loong Moon cake shop, Tiramisu cake, Osaka cake and Rainbow cake are their special features. They do have chocolate fondue. 
Definitely will visit again to try other dessert.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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