Sunday, 22 April 2012

My Dreams

I should go to bed now,but i feel like wanna record it down.
Is my dream..
I had 2 weird dream within this 3 days.

i dream of the Korea famous & leng zai T.O.P,
It just unbelievable as i not concern Korean stuff all the while,
but now i dream of T.O.P,
but actually i not sure whether is he the one,but he have a blue color hair.

I chased by a dog in a shopping mall and don't know how i met him,ended up he gave me a very very sweet and interesting moment.He brought me to a stage inside the shopping mall and we captured a lot of photos.
But finally he and his members rush back to somewhere as the show in the shopping ended.

I like this dream,is exciting and sweet also.
BUT it just won't happen in real life.

The second one is another sweet dream also,
Is a handsome,L.LBD,
i know who is he,but we are not recognize each other.

We in a shopping mall again,a different shopping mall ,we( me and my friend,Conney Lam,he and his friend,don't know who) went there for lunch.Conney pull me to walk faster or can say run with high heel and on the staircase somemore,sure will fall down right? And at this moment,LBD hug me to avoid me to fall down.Then he start to chase me. 
Dream always weird ,so the end of the dream is me and Conney went to toilet but the toilet is in a hotel(weird right?),but we just don't know which is male toilet and which is female toilet,we met Joel at there,we 3 went in the wrong toilet actually.

I just don't know what are the meaning of this 2 dreams.(may be because of exam?sot already?or there is some hidden meaning inside the dreams)
But it SWEET enough .
How i wish the dream come true.
I'm single and MAY BE available now.
The may be i mentioned is actually i not sure whether i ready to start a new relationship,but if there is a suitable one,i will try !

I don't know why i wish to blog about it,but now i already updated it.
Okay~ good night ..

How i wish the dreams come true :(

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Ling Yew's birthday celebration

There is so many March babies...
This post is about Ling Yew's birthday celebration.
Back to Ipoh after the Saturday midterm test and prepared for the gathering for that night.
 Love this photo.

 Photo of the day.
I curled my hair for temporary.Straight hair or curl hair suit me ?

 Laser Battle,Ipoh.

First time i went there and it was the first time for many of us also.
Since the birthday boy and his gf always go there,so his gf,Vikki,told her plan to the boss and she allowed that.Let me tell the plan here. We all must arrived earlier than the birthday boy and her gf,and we went into the battlefield to wait 2 of them.He don't know we were there that time and he will only thought he play with other that he don't recognize.haha...If for me,it was quite fun and surprise that to know all friends play with me.And it haven't end,Vikki brought Ling Yew to toilet and we were prepared the cake inside the waiting room.The light was off,and we sang birthday song when he and his gf came back to the waiting room.

 The banana chocolate cake with banana cartoon for the banana birthday boy.The cake is damn cute.

 The couple.



 All of us.

 The tradition for the one who birthday.

 This is what people want to see and this is the purpose also.

 With Gia Wei.

 Mun Mun came after work so she still wearing her uniform.

 With Soon.

 We then went to McD,Jalan Kuala Kangsa.Met En.Fok and also En.Tan ,our secondary school teachers.

 The banana make by cream and also chocolate.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Lei Chiann Birthday Celebration

23th of March was Ling Yew & Lei Chiann birthday.Due to Saturday had midterm test,so we all had a early celebration for Lei Chiann and late celebration for Ling Yew.Btw,i wanna update about Lei Chiann birthday on this post.

Went to Vegas Kitchen,Kampar. Stay in kampar for almost 2 years and never ever go there although i heard it name before i went to Kampar.What a joke! It is because the meal there not so cheap and is western food.
 This a HUGE burger i ever see,can serve for 4 persons. It cost RM26++ if not mistaken.

 The Vegas Kitchen environment.

 Ice lemon tea .

 With Andy.

 Angel and Mun Yee.

 See what is inside... Fried chicken,cucumber,egg,ham,lettuce,cheese,tomato and some source.
It quick nice but will really make u very full.

Here the video of how we surprise her. Lei Chiann don't know Frank,the one who took the cake out,will appear in front of her because we didn't tell her and for sure that dinner was a celebration dinner for her.
I asked her after few days and she said our mission succeed because she don't know at all before that. Happy,the most important one is she happy for sure.

 The birthday girl,the girl who love Hello Kitty very much.


 DOn't know who took this photo but i like it.

 All of us .

 The moment with u all are very fun.

 The evidence ... See what they do ???

 There the outcome... >.<" 
Boys always the damage king !

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Secret Recipe

Went to attend Lin's moral campaign in the afternoon and talked about ......
This ! 
Yea~Buy 3 free 1...So we decided to go for it .

 That day was a very cold day,so hot drink is a must to get warm.
My latte.

 Lin & Susu and also Kar Fei's chocolate if not mistaken.

 Gia Wei's cappuccino.

 So long we don't have dinner together.

Lasagne for Susu.

Prawn macaroni with cheese for Lin and Kar Fei.

 Spaghetti bolognese for me.

Spaghetti meat balls for Gia Wei.

Let us have dinner together again next time :)

Chindian de Fusion

Woke up in the Saturday early morning and prepare to go campus.
 There always no at that time,so i force to walk to campus.

 I'm one of the committee member of the event, and the event's name is as the title of this post, Chindian de Fusion.The Chindian = Chinese + Indian.This event is to let Indian and Chinese to know each other's culture more.

 This,our first game.

 As the participation is too less,so committee,Won Theng,Mun Yee and me also add in and play with others.

 Our group work.
With this game,i know how Indian can do this kind of beautiful art work as we can see in shopping mall.We just wonder how they do it,but now i know how.

 Shin Chan ? Yes ! but Indian style one.Funny.

 This the group that get No.1 !

 After the game,we just had some foods and drinks.
I don't know what it call,something make by carrot.

 Indian's food.

 This,tang yuan.

 Next,we continue our game.

 This is another game again.

 We had to balance and hold the basin with water inside for 5 minutes if not mistaken.

 They had to use chopstick to pick stone that inside the flour and ran to another side.

 See..before and after.

 The flour war.hahah

 The battlefield. 

This was just a small event,not so fun,but i still learn something.

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