Sunday, 15 April 2012

Lei Chiann Birthday Celebration

23th of March was Ling Yew & Lei Chiann birthday.Due to Saturday had midterm test,so we all had a early celebration for Lei Chiann and late celebration for Ling Yew.Btw,i wanna update about Lei Chiann birthday on this post.

Went to Vegas Kitchen,Kampar. Stay in kampar for almost 2 years and never ever go there although i heard it name before i went to Kampar.What a joke! It is because the meal there not so cheap and is western food.
 This a HUGE burger i ever see,can serve for 4 persons. It cost RM26++ if not mistaken.

 The Vegas Kitchen environment.

 Ice lemon tea .

 With Andy.

 Angel and Mun Yee.

 See what is inside... Fried chicken,cucumber,egg,ham,lettuce,cheese,tomato and some source.
It quick nice but will really make u very full.

Here the video of how we surprise her. Lei Chiann don't know Frank,the one who took the cake out,will appear in front of her because we didn't tell her and for sure that dinner was a celebration dinner for her.
I asked her after few days and she said our mission succeed because she don't know at all before that. Happy,the most important one is she happy for sure.

 The birthday girl,the girl who love Hello Kitty very much.


 DOn't know who took this photo but i like it.

 All of us .

 The moment with u all are very fun.

 The evidence ... See what they do ???

 There the outcome... >.<" 
Boys always the damage king !


  1. wow...its look yummy...i wish i can try it T.T

  2. u can :) it located at so special,worth to have a try :)

  3. You put the picture of us as ending make me feel so funny..XD


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