Thursday, 26 July 2012

Surprise birthday for Mun Yee 2012

What a romantic scene right ?
The most surprise and romantic celebration i participated ever.

The birthday's girl favorite.

Let me tell how we gave her the surprise.
1. Since Angel Sing's laptop got problem and she need to borrow Mun Yee's laptop always(Angel stay in the same hostel with Mun Yee but different room).
2. We knew that Mun Yee had a meeting with Joel on that day.
3. So Angel Sing got Mun Yee's room key as an excuse of want to use her laptop.
4. Around 9.30pm we went to their hostel to start decoration work.

Luckily we had enough time to decorate and still have time to chit chat a while. Oh ya, many people asked where we get the helium so that the balloon and fly to the roof and the gas is expensive too. Actually we used tape to stick it to the roof. haha.

When we knew that Joel and Mun Yee coming back,we all hide here hide there and even toilet. But they still haven't back after so long, we walked in and out many time,there is a video recorded, but is in Andy's phone and he never upload it so i can't show it here. It's so funny that we keep said "come already come already",then we run and hide. Then came out again,then said "come already come already" then hide again.Repeated for few times. hahah

In order Joel come in the hostel rather than dropped Mun Yee's and back, so Joel said need to take something from Angel. Then i don't know how Angel and Joel came up stair with Mun Yee.

And the most funny moment is when Mun Yee open her room and saw the decoration. She being scared by all the things. Kept laughing at her expression when we watch the video.

The birthday girl.


Andy again that spoiled the cake.

A romantic night.

Off to study for tomorrow midterm test.*keep slacking,tsk tsk tsk*
Gah Yao.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

Friday, 20 July 2012


Always ask those friends who are not study in Kampar come to place a visit.
And yea~Ming Heng and Ah Wong came.
Gia Wei is not Utarian ,she is Ktarian, so i'm the tour guide to bring them walk around UTAR.

Eyes so small due to the bright sunlight.

He holding my file,look like a Utarian.

Does both of your question being solve ? hahah

Quarrel ? Fight ?

The block A of UTAR.

Took our lunch at Vegas Restaurant.
My cappuccino. Like to order cappuccino because i always expect the nice coffee art can brighten my day.

I bet they never try the huge burger so i decided to bring them to eat it.

Bring them to eat this because Kampar's food is similar as everywhere, except this huge burger !

We named the date of us as "single trip".
The reason is very easy and the name defined it clearly,because 4 of us are single !

We then back to hostel.

Don't misunderstand,we are brother and sister.

Is difficult to talk with him because he is so tall !!!

Welcome them to visit again and welcome other friends to visit also..

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Restaurant Gong Hin

 Its the first time i ate Dim Sum in Kampar although i went Kampar study for 2 years.

 Price is always the reason that rejected to eat Dim Sum.
But since Susu and i stay back in Kampar on that week and he dated me to have breakfast together. Been some time we didn't eat together and after i asked him about the price ended up i agreed to eat Dim Sum with him.

 Must take photo for the every first time..
Taking photo is also the job of blogger. *although i'm not the full-time blogger and i don't earn money for what i wrote,it just a place to save my memories so that i still can review it after many years.

 We didn't ordered much,but it's enough for us.
Dim Sum there is not bad.
Can have second visit but not always as it is expensive if eat it always.

The price is acceptable i think.

Happened something on the way back hostel and i found and realized and see clearly one thing. Can't mention it here btw. It not the first time i think and i know about it so i didn't feel emo on that,just used to it already. I won't let these small matter to ruin my mood !

Stay turn.
Have a nice day.

Friday, 13 July 2012

UTAR 3rd Karaoke Competition Quarter Final 2012

First time i went to support friends at Karaoke competition.
Found out that many of my friends have great voice.
My eldest brother and 2nd brother also came back to Ipoh on that week,how i wish i can meet with them,but i also wish to support my friends too. But i decided to support my friends instead of back Ipoh. Not because i don't want see my brothers but i can see them next time, my friends may not participate in karaoke competition next time,so it is the best decision i think.

Angel Ng.
A friend that i recognized her since foundation year 1 sem 1.
A lovely friend.

Angel too,but she is Angel Sing..

Mun Yee.

The so called stage...hehe

Below are some of my friend's performances.
Play all to listen their great performance.



I want to share the videos below not because they r my friends,but they make us so high when watched their performance.

Hope u all enjoy.

Stay turn.
Have a nice day.

Vote for me please ♥

Dear all,
I participated in a competition,the one with most "like" will win.
I hope i can win,but i still need more than 100++ "like" in order to same or more than others.
100++ "like" is not a small amount for me,so i hope u all can help me.

Appreciate your precious "like" to me.

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Thank you so much ♥

Saturday, 7 July 2012

MH Hotel Ballroom

 Attended a wedding dinner on last month at MH Hotel Ballroom @ Ipoh.
First time attend wedding dinner at ballroom instead of restaurant. And this is my first time i go MH Hotel.

 The Ballroom.

 Outfit of the day.

 MUST took photo after make up right ?

 Nail art design for the wedding dinner. LOVE

 With Mami.

 Foods there are nice...

 The bride and groom.
Oh ya, forgot to mention that the bride is my godbrother.
I didn't take photo with them because i'm not close with them.

 Thanks Gia Wei for the bling bling ribbon earrings,like it so much.

The year 2011 and 2012.
Which style better ?

Stay Turn.
Have a nice day.

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