Friday, 20 July 2012


Always ask those friends who are not study in Kampar come to place a visit.
And yea~Ming Heng and Ah Wong came.
Gia Wei is not Utarian ,she is Ktarian, so i'm the tour guide to bring them walk around UTAR.

Eyes so small due to the bright sunlight.

He holding my file,look like a Utarian.

Does both of your question being solve ? hahah

Quarrel ? Fight ?

The block A of UTAR.

Took our lunch at Vegas Restaurant.
My cappuccino. Like to order cappuccino because i always expect the nice coffee art can brighten my day.

I bet they never try the huge burger so i decided to bring them to eat it.

Bring them to eat this because Kampar's food is similar as everywhere, except this huge burger !

We named the date of us as "single trip".
The reason is very easy and the name defined it clearly,because 4 of us are single !

We then back to hostel.

Don't misunderstand,we are brother and sister.

Is difficult to talk with him because he is so tall !!!

Welcome them to visit again and welcome other friends to visit also..

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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