Monday, 17 February 2014

{GIVEAWAY} foodpanda

Do you ever envy food delivery service which is so common in oversea and ever imagine that you can have it in Malaysia as well. Seriously it so cool and i really wish this happen in Malaysia. 

Have you heard of foodpanda before ? May be you never heard of it, and me too. But after i searched about foodpanda in Google i feel that foodpanda is trustable and i found that it not only exist in Malaysia but also in other countries for example :

You do not need to go under hot sun, stuck in the traffic jam and long queue to get what you want to eat/ drink. Or sometime you just feel like to eat something but you are lazy or no transport to go out. Am i saying  your thought ? Here the dream come true !! FOODPANDA fulfilled your wish. Only few easy steps is needed.

Feeling exited ? I bet most of the brands are your favorite all the time ! click the website for more.

After you click on the restaurant you want then it will come to this page which you need to choose your location. ( foodpanda not only available in Kuala Lumpur but other states for example Petaling Jaya, Penang, Johor Bahru, Melaka and Ipoh) 

Choose the beverage you want. You can view it according to best seller or the categories of the beverage. 

Craving for sushi ? Here is an sample menu of Sakae Sushi.

The most happy moment is here : GIVEAWAY!!
I will giveaway RM10 vouchers to 5 of my readers who are new to foodpanda and this voucher will only expired after 1 year.
Only simple steps to get it :
1. Click on  which on the right hand side of my blog to follow me.
2. Comment on below Why you feel like to try foodpanda?

This giveaway will end on 3rd of March 2014.
Good luck readers and enjoy your experience with foodpanda.

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Friday, 14 February 2014

Summary of CNY 2014

Nothing special for me to write few blog post for only CNY like what i did in the past. This year CNY for me is pretty normal as usual and a bit boring.
The day before the reunion dinner, i was went out with 2 of friends for bonding session. It is pretty good to have time sit down with friends and chit chat.

 After my reunion steambot dinner with family members and i went to meet her at her house at usual. Our annual meet up which already last for so many years since secondary school.

Hope that we can meet for frequently in future but not only once a year.

Family portrait for year 2014 taken on 1st day of CNY. I did not put on make up as i know i will just stay at home that day but i regretted because i look so pale.

2nd day of CNY was already on KL. Prepared for the CNY dinner with relatives. 

 The first year we organized CNY gathering of all relatives because the relatives are getting estrangement since grandparents were not around and the gap between generations are getting large, we don't meet each other usually especially for my family who located in Ipoh and they are in KL.

4th day of CNY, we had another gathering which only participated by some of our relatives.But we had gathering everyday usually since we were there but not as much people as this time. Gathering like this is meaningful but i was not in good condition which spoil my mood seriously. :(

My little niece who really cute like an angel.

Got to eat fresh cherries for the first time because it is expensive and not easy to get it. 

5th day of CNY we went to Templer Park Water Fall. According to my parent, i went there when i was young, i think i loss the memory of this. hahaha. Bring kids back to the natural is the best moment and they really had fun on it.

We brought our own tables, chairs, foods and drinks even champagne and had picnic on the water but not beside the river. Never had this experience before but this is pretty good experience. But for those who want to do it in future, make sure you take care of the river and clean all the things when you leave like us, don't pollute the environment.

Had a tea session with another 2 girls on 9th day of  CNY at Purple Cane Tea House.

A great camera is needed seriously to take a nice photo. Really in love with Bowie's new camera.

Today is Valentine's day and also 15th day of CNY which they say the combination of this 2 festival will only appear once in 19 years. But what to do with this day who without valentine ? Just another Friday. Went to singK with Xiao Tung today. Is our single's day not valentine's day. hahaha

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Friday, 7 February 2014

Something's Brewing

Waited for CNY for so long and it come to the 8th day of CNY and it going to end very soon. What we can do is just to waiting for CNY of year 2015. Btw, wish all of you happy and healthy all the time and keep support my blog.
Went to Something's Brewing before CNY. This cafe is simple in everything included the signboard of the cafe and also the interior design. My friend can't even find this cafe because of the signboard is a bit difficult to be notice. 

 It's a cafe which newly opened in Medan Ipoh Bistari, opposite Festival walk. 

Since i was full that time so i prefer to have dessert rather than main course. So i ordered Breakfast Parfait, RM13.90, with Greek yogurt,kiwis, mangoes, strawberries, blueberries and granola. It's under breakfast category but you can still order it after breakfast time. I never expect 
it come in such a big portion, it really can make u feel full.

It really a healthy breakfast which i think it is a best choice for those who want to keep fit.

Runny eggs with hash brown and toast, RM13.90.

Cafe latte, RM9.90.

I ordered tea rather than coffee again.
Blueberry Rooibos (caffeine-free), RM8.90. 

Ingredients are organic and fair trade certified rooibos, organic blueberries, organic schizandra berries, organic and Fair Trade certified hibiscus flowers, natural blueberry and strawberry flavors.

Drinking tea is my another love other drinking coffee, at least tea won't make me headache like coffee do. I like coffee but i don't like headache. One difficult thing of drinking tea is hard to drink a nice tea. I had just found one so far after so many kind of tea i tried in different cafes.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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