Monday, 16 December 2013

Coffee At 91 @ Ipoh

I told myself that i must blog today because i have been stop blogging for may be 1-2 weeks. 
I gonna introduce another cafe in Ipoh which located inside a hotel. It not newly open, but it's my first time to be there. In fact, i wanted to go long time ago but never have chance to go or it was closed when i intends to go.

It located at Tambun Inn Hotel @ Ipoh.
It closed on Monday.

The desserts we ordered that day.
From left :
Passion Mousse,RM6
Marble Cheese Cake, RM4.50
Macarons, RM2.5 each

There was a simple celebration of Gia Wei's birthday. Celebrate her birthday in Ipoh again after few years celebrated in Kampar.

From their FB, i know that they have different theme on every festivals. Definitely won't feel bored for coming again and again.

Had been asking through inbox of this cafe for making a cow coffee art since the birthday girl like cow so much and i'm appreciated that they make it ! It so cute right ? 

Thankful that they even provide a candle to place on the cake which i never request to do so. Customer service is very good !

I didn't request for ribbon coffee art actually because i feel awkward to have so much of requests although i want to. I just told them that i may asking for having ribbon coffee art so that they know that i'm the one who ordered cow coffee art. Thanks them for giving me a little surprise as well. 

Friends are the family members you choose, I hope friendship are like family, never end...

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

Saturday, 14 December 2013

History Bistroz @ Ipoh

It was the night that celebrated Hui Xin's 21st birthday. Don't know since when we all don't like to visit the place that we visited before for too many times so that we keep searching for new place to go. That night we went 2 new places. First place that we went was Bougainvillea City Cafe which just opposite of History Bistroz.

Mocktail always the choice for those who don't drink alcohol when go bistro, so we girls ordered mocktails.
Cinderella, RM13.
Ginger Ale, Orange juice, lemon juice and pineapple juice, grenadine.
It taste nice.

Colonia Smoothie, RM13.
Pineapple juice, strawberries, banana/mango/papaya, cream and blended with ice cube.

J.W.W Burch Sea Breeze, RM13.
Cranberry juice, apple juice, soda water, sugar syrup.

A special designed cake for the birthday girl because she like cream puff so we had a cake that surrounded by cream puffs.

Workers there are just too friendly and helpful.

I like this area so much, so nice.

And see how creative of them using bamboo basket.

I was sick ans sound like a man and i even think that waitresses that talked with me that night will think i am "Ah Gua". It definitely awkward moment !

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Bougainvillea City Cafe @ Ipoh

Been lazy to update my blog and i decided to update some outing post instead of my Vietnam trip so here i introduce another cafe in Ipoh. I bet blogger will have similar thought which is we want to try our new thing so that we can blog and make our blog more interesting.

 Such a nice wall painting in the cafe.

 It located opposite of Bricks & Barrels (B&B) / History Bistro.

 Bougainvillea City Cafe's FB :

 Old Style Original Kola, RM9.90. 
Recommended for this. It not taste like Coca-Cola but it taste like plum juice. It taste nice.

 Mango crepe mille, RM13.90.
Sorry to say this is not nice. May be because the cake had been make for some times so that it is not fresh anymore

 Tiramisu, RM13.90.
This is highly recommended ! Must eat food when you visit to this cafe. This tiramisu is different from what you can eat at outside. The boss claimed that this is the most original tiramisu. The cake, the cream, the taste everything is perfect ! The perfect match of alcohol with the cake make us fell in love with it. Unforgettable.

 Stuffed potato skins with smoked bacon, RM8.90.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Happy 8 Cafe @ Ipoh

Happy 8 Cafe located at Ipoh old town somewhere near to Plan B and Mike's Place 2.0.
This cafe is very unique, the main door is make by wood and it will open automatically, it shocked me at the same time because i was discussing with Xiao Tung how we going to open the door and it opened automatically. 

The toilet is just beside this room and you will definitely feel uncomfortable because the toilet are covered by bamboo only, u can listen very clearly to what other people saying in this room, but of course the bamboo really fully cover the toilet and you are safe in it.

The environment really impressed me a lot because it is so unique and nice.

Such a nice environment must have a higher price of foods of course.

I ordered a breakfast set which include a main course and drinks.
I choose Hamburger + coffee, RM18.

The food is good.

The expensive Honey Lemon which cost RM12.90.

Xiao Tung ordered a vegetarian pizza, RM18.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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