Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Happy 8 Cafe @ Ipoh

Happy 8 Cafe located at Ipoh old town somewhere near to Plan B and Mike's Place 2.0.
This cafe is very unique, the main door is make by wood and it will open automatically, it shocked me at the same time because i was discussing with Xiao Tung how we going to open the door and it opened automatically. 

The toilet is just beside this room and you will definitely feel uncomfortable because the toilet are covered by bamboo only, u can listen very clearly to what other people saying in this room, but of course the bamboo really fully cover the toilet and you are safe in it.

The environment really impressed me a lot because it is so unique and nice.

Such a nice environment must have a higher price of foods of course.

I ordered a breakfast set which include a main course and drinks.
I choose Hamburger + coffee, RM18.

The food is good.

The expensive Honey Lemon which cost RM12.90.

Xiao Tung ordered a vegetarian pizza, RM18.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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