Monday, 29 October 2012

Day out of 3

I remember that day was the day that result released and i still at outside when result was released.I didn't even remember and remind myself that result is releasing anytime,i just enjoying shopping with them. May be i know i can't change anything but just to know the result whether is good or bad.  
Our first destination was ipoh Parade.We went there just because i need to buy something.
And we spotted colorful balloons.The balloon pool look so fun but imagine how akward that if 3 aldults playing inside.hahaha..But i really wish to play it.
It must be child's paradise !

The big and cute balloon rabbit.

Outfit of the day.
I think that the trousers doesn't suit me or the way i wear is incorrect ?

Went to Aeon @ Station 18 after that for lunch and also movie.
Had our lunch at Kenny Rogers.

It's our first time and what i want to say is it's so expensive ! The tax itself already costs us around RM7-9 , i can't really remember the exact price. It's extremely expensive that i can use the tax itself to have a meal + drinks at other restaurant.

Yan and me ordered the same meal.

Everyone of us got a muffin which included in the meal we ordered.
The muffin taste nice.


3 of us.

Watched Hotel Transylvania for the 2nd time and i still laugh.
Holding a jacket and it's not mine,is Lun's jacket.He don't want to hold it and planned to take it from his car before the movie start >.< I'm just so kind to help him. 

It's the last photo took by my phone since this photo until now.My phone's software was something wrong again ! I still haven't get my phone back after 2 weeks ++ .It's way too long ! grrrrrrr >.< Hope i can change a new phone successfully since the problem keep appear with the old phone.Good luck to me and hope to get phone back by this week !

Thanks Lun for buying us strawberry ribbon swiss rolls..It doesn't look nice as i expected but it's ribbon ! Big Love.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Penang surprise trip 7.10.2012

It can considered as a last minute plan although we planned it for so long because the number of person was not fixed from the begining until the day we went to Penang and our ticket bought on the day before we go.
Our bus was departed at around 9am.Only 3 girls who are Gia Wei.Saw Woon and me.
Hello Penang Islang.

2 years didn't go Penang already and mission to visit Penang again is different as what i mentioned on the title of this post.
It was a raining day,bad luck and it even worst that Gia Wei and me didn't bring umbrella.1 umbrella is not enough for 3 person so i used my scraf and Gia Wei used her cardigan to cover.

View from Saw Woon's hostel.
Walked a long distance from the USM main door to Saw Woon's hostel.The distance is longer than i walk from my hostel to UTAR.

Saw Woon's hostel.Everything inside USM hostel are bigger than my hostel,the table,carbinet,bed size of the room and others but the only bad thing is their toilets are public use. 
To gather 10 of us to give a surprise to Kean Hoe, we waited a long long time.I was so tired and hungry.Our mission of the day was gave a surprise to Kean Hoe since his birthday on 9th of October. Finally we gathered together and went to the cafeteria under Kean Hoe's hostel and Gia Wei and me hided since he never know we went to Penang. When Kean Hoe talking to Saw Woon them,Gia Wei and i popped out,i think Kean Hoe was shocked and happy at the same time.Our mission succeed.

Took around half hour bus from USM to 1st Avenue to have lunch or can say it was my brunch at 2pm ? It so late just becasue we had too much of people and we had to wait each other so time is being delayed and delayed. Don't know what to eat so just simply ordered a chicken burger and i wad regreted becasue burger is fattening food !

Shared a bowl of taufufa with Gia Wei also.

When we walked aound the mall,i spotted the Ribbon shop !
Went crazy because of this.It's so beautiful ! Must go in the shop next time.

They wore the same color shirt coincidentally,Gia Wei must very happy because of that.
So many of us.hehe

We were so free to take photo because others were buying cloths at Brands outlet.

Only 3 boys that day.

All of us.

Wanted to try Subway long time ago finally i got the chance to try.

Happy like kid. Why there is no Subway at Ipoh or Kampar ? 

Back Ipoh at 7.15pm. Slept in the bus due to the tiredness.

\Most of our bus tickets that day. haha

Flats of the day,it newly bought on the day before i went Penang . It only cost me RM14.90... Do u believe it ?

Our mission ended,my sem break was so interesting with trip to Cameron Highland and Penang.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Zakka Loft @ Ipoh

We found this place when we searching for a restaurant for lunch. Xiao Tung went this place before,i feel interested to go through her  photos. We decided to go after lunch but we only had little time.
I think we went there for around 30 minutes only or even less than that.It's definitely not enough for us since we used all the time to take photos around the shop only and i feel that i still haven't finished to capture everything although i already captured so many. 

It's really a unique cafe.

There's full of things in every corners and are handmade.

Their menu is special too.

Hello, welcome :)

They selling some handmade stuffs.

I ordered a herb jelly. It taste nice but it consider expensive. I can buy a packet of herd jelly powder to make more around 10 bowls with the same price for this bowl of jelly. But i was eating in a nice and special cafe,and i'm not going there often.

Xiao Tung and Sharon didn't order, feel embarrassed if 4 of us only order 1 cup of tea right ? haha..

Some candid by Sharon.
And thanks to Xiao Tung help me take photos always.

It's a small cafe,it couldn't  accommodate much people or else will feel hard to breath i think. haha. 
Btw,there is air-condition provided.

I saw my parent's friend came into the cafe and helping in the cafe,i get to know that the owner of the cafe is their daughter. I not sure whether one or both of the girls are their daughter.

Received a belated birthday present from Xiao Tung. Appreciate much and one again,Thanks my beloved one. Lucky that i prepared a birthday present for u also..haha

One of my favorite photo of the day.

Splits one day out into 3 posts and Xiao Tung and me went 5-6 places within a day. It's tired but it's fun. Hope that we can have it again,next semester break may be ? haha

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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