Monday, 29 October 2012

Day out of 3

I remember that day was the day that result released and i still at outside when result was released.I didn't even remember and remind myself that result is releasing anytime,i just enjoying shopping with them. May be i know i can't change anything but just to know the result whether is good or bad.  
Our first destination was ipoh Parade.We went there just because i need to buy something.
And we spotted colorful balloons.The balloon pool look so fun but imagine how akward that if 3 aldults playing inside.hahaha..But i really wish to play it.
It must be child's paradise !

The big and cute balloon rabbit.

Outfit of the day.
I think that the trousers doesn't suit me or the way i wear is incorrect ?

Went to Aeon @ Station 18 after that for lunch and also movie.
Had our lunch at Kenny Rogers.

It's our first time and what i want to say is it's so expensive ! The tax itself already costs us around RM7-9 , i can't really remember the exact price. It's extremely expensive that i can use the tax itself to have a meal + drinks at other restaurant.

Yan and me ordered the same meal.

Everyone of us got a muffin which included in the meal we ordered.
The muffin taste nice.


3 of us.

Watched Hotel Transylvania for the 2nd time and i still laugh.
Holding a jacket and it's not mine,is Lun's jacket.He don't want to hold it and planned to take it from his car before the movie start >.< I'm just so kind to help him. 

It's the last photo took by my phone since this photo until now.My phone's software was something wrong again ! I still haven't get my phone back after 2 weeks ++ .It's way too long ! grrrrrrr >.< Hope i can change a new phone successfully since the problem keep appear with the old phone.Good luck to me and hope to get phone back by this week !

Thanks Lun for buying us strawberry ribbon swiss rolls..It doesn't look nice as i expected but it's ribbon ! Big Love.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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