Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Food Hunt in Ipoh

A date with my long-lost dear, Kar Kar. She brought her BF together since they having off day at the same time and they can only meet each other once a week, impossible that i taken off the only day they meet right ? I don't mind to be their light bulb if they don't mind and don't treat me like light bulb. haha. So many places that we wish to go but we chose 2 places to go but ended up we went 4 places (evil's laugh). There is many other places waiting for us so just looking forwards.

First time see this latte art and every time i got the different coffee art. Happy with that because i like different thing that make me feel fresh.

Doraemon's mocha.
I brought Kar Kar to B.E.D. is because of the Doraemon coffee art as she is a big Doraemon freak .

As usual, my cappuccino with ribbon coffee art..

Went to Purple Cane Tea House after that. I ordered their Cane's Green Tea and it can be refilled.

Bak Kut Teh mee. The mee is handmake one, it is chewy, the soup is so rich with the taste of Bak Kut Teh. Kar was so satisfied with it.

Cold Winter Jelly make by jasmine tea (冬~茉莉茶凍) and
Spring Romance Pudding (春~焦糖布丁).
RM4 each.

Nice ambience that make people feel comfortable and their customer service is good.

Went to Ipoh famous Tau Fu Fah shop which located opposite of Purple Cane Tea House, Funny Mountain Soya Bean (奇峰豆腐花) @ Jalan Theatre.

  Then we went to 28 Kedai Pau Yi Fatt (28自制手工包) @ No.63, Jalan Mustapha Al Bakri 30300 Ipoh, Perak.

See there is so many cartoon pau,Winnie Pooh, Angry birds, Rilakkuma, Hello Kitty, panda, bee, chickens, snowman and so on..Attractive and adorable.

I bought a "chicken pau". So cute right ?

Today is 2nd day of the new semester, i feel so stress !!! Lecturers and tutors keep giving stress to us. Spend so many money on photocopy notes and buying textbooks. Spend money is like drinking water now. Last year of Uni life hope everything going smoothly.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Celebration in Euro House @ Ipoh

I'm so so so happy today !! My result is released. Everyone thought the result will be released tomorrow but received the message from friends said that result released, i was like "WHAT ??!!"  and quickly check the result,my heart was gonna explode before access to the web successfully. I thought the result was not mine and quickly ran to my Mami to tell her this great news and my tears was drop. The tears of happiness ! It might not a good result of those genius but it so good for me,it is the best result of mine in Degree. OMG !! Keep it up .

The free buns.

Morrocan chicken steak (Pan grilled chicken steak with traditional morrocan sauce  served with daily vege,pine nut and spinach mashed potato), RM22.

Creamy chicken pasta (shredded chicken with sun dried tomato,onion and rich cream sauce), RM18.

Chimichuri chicken (Argentina marinated method of chicken breast with fresh herd dressing), RM20.

Masala Chicken Steak (Pan grilled chicken steak with traditional masala sauce  served with daily vege,pine nut and spinach mashed potato), RM24.

Scallopine chicken pamagiana (Italian style chicken baked with mozzerella cheese), RM20.

Ladies have free flows of house wine or cocktail from every Sunday to Thursday from 3pm to 12am.  

Kit Yin.

Finally we all reunited after so long,never been full attendance and this is the only one so far. Looking forward for more.

The girlsss..

It's so hard to maintain a friendship with colleagues that only work together around few months but we did that. Treasure.

Stay Turn ~
Have a nice day.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

{AD} hometuitionjob.com

Tuition ? I remember i used to walk to tuition centers after school with friends almost everyday during Secondary school under the hot sun. Must sweat a lots when reached the tuition centers because need to walk around 20-30 minutes depends on the distance of the tuition centers. It had so much memories with friends but if possible of course we will choose not to walk under the hot sun. 

How i envy that students now can choose not to walk to tuition centers, may be some of you will say that you never walk to tuition centers but fetch by parents or friends, BUT now i tell you that you can just go home after school ! Have your private tutor nearby your home now ! You can choose which area you are from,there is different tutors at different area. 

Ipoh as an example. After i clicked my area (Ipoh) and it will bring you to this page which show all the tutors who available in Ipoh. Choose any tutor that you prefer,you totally have to right to choose any of the tutor you want.

You can click any of the tutors to check for their details. 
It definitely convenient to everyone of you if  you lazy to walk or no one is free to fetch you to tuition centers that far from your house or school. A better tutor and better life for you. 

If you are looking for example UPSR tuition or SPM tuition, You can visit the http://www.hometuitionjob.com/ .

Okay~ For those like me who already graduated from Primary and Secondary school, you can get a part time job to be a tutor as well ! Here a job opportunity for you to earn extra pocket money. Click www.hometuitionjob.com for more information.

Don't think that it only available only in Malaysia, it also available in our neighbor country, Singapore ! Click http://www.hometuitionjob.sg/ to find a tutor in Singapore.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

JYJ Love Cafe @ Ipoh

It's the first dating with friends during this sem break. Is a friend gathering and also early celebration of my lovely dear, Bee Kuan. I forgot when and how we start our friendship, but i think we have about 9 years friendship which started since form 1. 
Hairdo of the day. Ribbon is love !

Me me me and me. :p

Bee Kuan brought us to new place. Thanks her because i got something new to blog and can try new things.
This cafe located near to Ave Maria Convent @ Ipoh .

Where you want to go Mr Lamp.

Watermelon juice.

Pear with aloe & pearl (雪梨芦荟+珍珠), RM6.90.

Kiwi Red Apple with Cucumber (猕猴桃红苹果家青瓜) and it stated to have whitening effect, RM6.80.
Water can be refill.

JYJ Love- Bacon Ham Mozzalila Cheese Sandwiches (招牌意式烤三文治) , RM9.90.
Mun Mun said it taste so so.

Ice-cream with mango and kiwi waffle(雪糕+芒果+猕猴桃) RM6.90.

Ice-cram with mix fruit (雪糕+水果), RM6.90.

BBQ chicken sandwiches (烤酱汁鸡三文治),RM6.90.
This was my order,it taste okay.

The set lunch. Grilled chicken rice + mushroom soup + ice-cream + watermelon juice. RM13.90.

The birthday girl,Bee Kuan.

Her cute birthday cupcake.

With her, the pretty and cute one. Don't have contact always,don't have see each other always, but still you are my best friend.

Took this photo because Bee Kuan wanna show me the angle she want but i like this photo.

Group photo of the day. 
Have a great chat with them,chit-chat,gossip,joking..Love !

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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