Sunday, 19 May 2013

JYJ Love Cafe @ Ipoh

It's the first dating with friends during this sem break. Is a friend gathering and also early celebration of my lovely dear, Bee Kuan. I forgot when and how we start our friendship, but i think we have about 9 years friendship which started since form 1. 
Hairdo of the day. Ribbon is love !

Me me me and me. :p

Bee Kuan brought us to new place. Thanks her because i got something new to blog and can try new things.
This cafe located near to Ave Maria Convent @ Ipoh .

Where you want to go Mr Lamp.

Watermelon juice.

Pear with aloe & pearl (雪梨芦荟+珍珠), RM6.90.

Kiwi Red Apple with Cucumber (猕猴桃红苹果家青瓜) and it stated to have whitening effect, RM6.80.
Water can be refill.

JYJ Love- Bacon Ham Mozzalila Cheese Sandwiches (招牌意式烤三文治) , RM9.90.
Mun Mun said it taste so so.

Ice-cream with mango and kiwi waffle(雪糕+芒果+猕猴桃) RM6.90.

Ice-cram with mix fruit (雪糕+水果), RM6.90.

BBQ chicken sandwiches (烤酱汁鸡三文治),RM6.90.
This was my order,it taste okay.

The set lunch. Grilled chicken rice + mushroom soup + ice-cream + watermelon juice. RM13.90.

The birthday girl,Bee Kuan.

Her cute birthday cupcake.

With her, the pretty and cute one. Don't have contact always,don't have see each other always, but still you are my best friend.

Took this photo because Bee Kuan wanna show me the angle she want but i like this photo.

Group photo of the day. 
Have a great chat with them,chit-chat,gossip,joking..Love !

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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