Tuesday, 21 May 2013

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Tuition ? I remember i used to walk to tuition centers after school with friends almost everyday during Secondary school under the hot sun. Must sweat a lots when reached the tuition centers because need to walk around 20-30 minutes depends on the distance of the tuition centers. It had so much memories with friends but if possible of course we will choose not to walk under the hot sun. 

How i envy that students now can choose not to walk to tuition centers, may be some of you will say that you never walk to tuition centers but fetch by parents or friends, BUT now i tell you that you can just go home after school ! Have your private tutor nearby your home now ! You can choose which area you are from,there is different tutors at different area. 

Ipoh as an example. After i clicked my area (Ipoh) and it will bring you to this page which show all the tutors who available in Ipoh. Choose any tutor that you prefer,you totally have to right to choose any of the tutor you want.

You can click any of the tutors to check for their details. 
It definitely convenient to everyone of you if  you lazy to walk or no one is free to fetch you to tuition centers that far from your house or school. A better tutor and better life for you. 

If you are looking for example UPSR tuition or SPM tuition, You can visit the http://www.hometuitionjob.com/ .

Okay~ For those like me who already graduated from Primary and Secondary school, you can get a part time job to be a tutor as well ! Here a job opportunity for you to earn extra pocket money. Click www.hometuitionjob.com for more information.

Don't think that it only available only in Malaysia, it also available in our neighbor country, Singapore ! Click http://www.hometuitionjob.sg/ to find a tutor in Singapore.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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