Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Joy To The World

It's December,time fly so fast,it's almost the end of 2011.Enjoy the most favorable month of majority.
Received complain from Xiao Tung,complain that i seldom update my blog(she know i got many posts that i should update),thanks for the complain and now i update my blog after so long.Tung and Mun yee,u both didn't join me to Joy To The World event,i'm bring u both there now.Let's go ...

I got "bluetooth"... XD 
Let me explain other who don't know what i'm talking first...Joy To The World was an event held by UTAR Christian Fellowship is to let us grasp the true meaning of Christmas.It held at 22 Nov 2011,start at 8pm.

We reached there quite early,there was only few people when we reached.We reached there early because this event is free entrance one,everyone can join,we reached earlier to have a nice seat.
As we still can't go in the hall,so photo session is always the best choice while waiting.

Gia Wei and Susu.

Me and Susu.
My legs look slim here,but actually it is not.

Angel Sing and Susu.

Me and Gia Wei.

As i mentioned just now,it was FREE ENTRANCE for EVERYONE,the number of participants was out of expectation,there was not enough seats,to make sure that everyone be seated,the event was delayed for around 35 minutes.

Mun Yee...can u see your "leng lui" ? 
Look ! There is a "Christmas tree",i think it make by bottles,i'm too far,can't see it clearly.

Angel Sing and Joel.
Both also black...haha

Spot "Angels Sing"...when singing this song,we looked at Angel Sing whenever we heard "Angels Sing".

Okay...let's come with me...Event started.
A lecturer gave a speech.

They performed few songs after the speech.Let's enjoy.

They sang quite many songs,got soft one,i regret that i didn't record it down,very nice.

There was drama+singing+dancing which performed by students.
Spot the background.

Didn't took much photos during the drama,but i recorded it down.

It just a little part when they all dancing on the stage.The drama was quite long,so impossible for me to record all.

It the last part.All the characters and helpers walked around to shake hand with participants and wish them Merry Christmas.
Watch this video,Gia Wei,Angel Sing and me will wish u Merry Christmas too.

The event ended at around 11 something.There was some foods and drinks for all of us,we left after had a drinks then Gia Wei,Susu and me went to Haji Ghany(mamak stall),they had their supper,i only ordered a cup of Milo as i don't want eat supper which can make me fat.Sleep at around 1am...
Panda eyes become serious...Should find some ways in order not to let panda love me. =(

Good night to all of u,sweet dream.

UTAR Flea Market

Study week = slacking week
Feel like wanna blog everyday,but my laziness always exceed the blogging mood.hahax.But today i really feel like blogging.U know why ? Because......there is around 7 posts is waiting me to post..OMG..

Okay okay...Today blog about UTAR Flea Market.It held for around 3-5 times every year i think.Majority of the "hawkers" there are students.Sometime you can buy something very cheap there.
Gia Wei was too tired due to the Joy To The World  event,so she missed it.
Met Pui San and she said she will go Flea Market and i just joined her after class.We waited Yung Shan and we went together.

I brought my camera that day because i didn't took it out from my bag so i just captured some photos and blog about it.

There selling cloths,foods,drinks,earrings,pets,accessories, and many others.

Foods selling there were quite expensive.
But we were craving for foods that time.

With Pui San.
We bought some foods and i just captured this.Marshmallow with chocolate.

With Yung Shan.

If not mistaken,it costs RM2.


We captured photos at there also
1 piece cost RM4 and 3 pieces of photos cost RM10.
They used instax mini camera,so that we can get the photos immediately.

They provided some accessories such as caps and others so that out photos won't be that insipid.

This is mine photo.I like all 3 but i only can take only one so that everyone of us can get one.

Yung Shan.

Pui San.


And i brought this.Eyelashes.10 pairs cost only RM6-7, i forgot the exact price.

Try my very very best to blog.I think there will have more posts during sem break so that i better post all first in order not to heap up many posts.

Saturday, 26 November 2011


I'm lazy! There is few posts waiting me to update.But i just keep on delay and delay.
Remember last 2 posts ? Is about my cousin sister wedding.But it's finish,now i want to post what we did after that.
Baby 浚昊.

We went to another cousin sister's house to visit her and her new born baby.When we visit her,they baby just newly born for only 1 week.

The baby cousin's brother,Lucas.
He was naughty and kicked my uncle accidentally ,he just so so so cute,he said "sorry" with that pose immediately...I think my uncle will pretend angry to him but after Lucas said "sorry",my uncle smile.Lucas so cute.
Sometime a "sorry" after u did something can prevent the matter become serious.

Baby sleeping 

Fortunately i able to capture his smile.He smile when he sleep.

baby yawn...

Baby cry because hungry.

We then headed to my another cousin sister's new house.
The roads,the house number,the design of the houses were super complicated,we unable to find my cousin's house,and ended up she and her husband drove and brought us to their house.

I can see myself from house opposite.No need buy whole body mirror already.

The owner.

My 3rd brother and eldest brother...

1/30 of all my relative may be,or even lesser than that.

The next time we go KL will be at CNY already.Ang Pau ! haha

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Cousin sister,June Ng's wedding 2

Click older post to read part 1 in case u still haven't read.
It's 20.11.2011 (20112011)
It's my cousin sister's BIG DAY !

My niece ^^

Both also their pet.

My uncle,aunt,cousin brothers,cousin sisters and nieces.

Proud to say that few of my cousin sister are quite pretty (included me? XD ). Few of my cousin brothers are handsome too,but they just be out of shape after married..haha

With my pretty cousin sister .

With my another cousin sister.
The FAT me !

With my cute niece...

Cousin sister and my eldest brother.

Do we look alike ? (i don't think so)

The tea my uncle drank was bigger size compared to other relatives! He drank a much much more bigger cup of tea few years ago,and this time he the one being "bully" again...haha..but this time is 2/3 times smaller compared to last time.Pity him.

And this time,my mum being "bully" also..haha...May be because want to save cost,my aunt become "dai kam jie".

Make up of the day.woke up at around 6am to prepare,i was super sleepy that time,just simply make up.

No eyeliner...with BB cream,mascara,eyelashes...

Hope they will happy forever.

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