Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Bus Bistro @ Ipoh

So sorry to my friends,due to the busyness of me, forced to celebrate their birthday early although one is 16th November however one is 10th December. I felt guilty but i was busy foe exam during the period of their birthday. 
Went to Berlin Bier's Houz @ Greentown at first......
While waiting friend at the car park.

But we left Berlin Bier's Houz without ordering ( guilty again ) and went to The Bus Bistro @ Greenhill,Ipoh.

The environment is not bad,we can choose to sit open air or inside. Actually i prefer open air,but my friends want to sit inside,so i just followed. But we ended didn't get to chat much because the we sat at long sofa which was too big for 6 of us.

The Bus Bistro(Facebook) -

I'm not a beer addict,but my friend.
They ordered a towel or beer and we came here is because they heard beer selling here is cheaper.

First time i saw there served beer with Eiffel Tower. Nice.

Naval Cadet...Ordered by me. RM13
Wanted to order cocktail at first,but luckily i ordered mocktail at last.
  My drink is the best compared to them.

Cocktail for Poh Yee. Rm15 if not mistaken
I drank a bit of it,and what i thought was "luckily" .... I just don't like the taste of liquor.

Yan's Virgin Pina Colada... It's mocktail too.. 

The one reason why i don't like side fringe is my oily face make the fringe oily too.

Poh Yee and Hui Xin (Yan).

RM9.90 if not mistaken. Ordered by Lun, He expected it only serve in a few pieces,but it come with a basket..

Used my new brown color eyes shadow,how is it ? Need improvement ?

They sang few songs and rest for so long...They didn't perform the song we ordered also.
Bad... However,they helped us to wish and sang birthday song.

Girls of the night.

We wore ribbon coincidentally and also in the range of red-pink 

The chocolate alcoholic cake from Awesome Bakery

Who like alcohol should try the alcoholic cake.. Have alcohol in another way.

6 of us of the night.

Stay Turn~
Have a nice day.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Pangkor Island Trip ~ 4

After had a morning walked along the beach and we got back to our resort and took bath and packed our baggage. We headed to the jetty after checked out. The ferry we took to Pangkor only one storey,luckily that the ferry we took when we back was double storey and due to we were the last who got into the ferry and we all stand on the open air of ferry,and we took a lot of photos there since it has a distance from Pankor jetty to Lumut jetty. 
Eldest brother's gf-Miki.

Baba and Mami.
See my dad's smile,attractive!

This new shades was purposely bought for this trip but i wanted to buy it so long ago.

The 3rd brother.

The sea,too bad that my phone not with me that time,if not i can take a nicer photo with the setting of the camera.

It's under the sun but still want to take photo under the sun because not much chances to take ferry and can stand on the open air .

My eldest brother asked my baba any comment about this trip and he said still okay and he the moment he like was took ferry that we able to stand at open air to enjoy the sea view and sea breeze. hahhaha..cute dad..

Guess the flag is from which country ???
My dad said it's Pangkor's flag...LOL

Back to the Lumut jetty.

When to Kampung Koh @ Sitiawan for seafood lunch.

We ate more plentiful than Pankor one but the price in Kampung Koh is more cheaper !
My Mami was :"ahhhhh??!!"

Had a great trip with family. Looking forward for more family trip and we planing to go Lamgkawi next year,hope we can make it.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Pangkor Island Trip ~ 3

Finally i update my blog. Last week was so so busy for midterm test, quiz and presentation. Finally all over but final exam is coming. Watching movies all the day, relax relax ~ relax before fighting again !
Here i update 3rd part of Pangkor family trip. 
Still the first day.
The sunset.

There was an uncle looking at me when i took photo of the sunset and with the sunset.
Too bad that there is an island right below the sun.

While waiting everyone get ready for the dinner.

When the place nearby our resort again,the same place where we had our lunch but not the same restaurant.

This taufu was too salty.

We waited this fish for so long and we even finished other dishes and rice.
Poor service.

Don't bother other customer,it's panorama,and people behind were moving,so they missing some of their body parts.hahahha 

Had a night walked along the seaside after the dinner.
There was no wind and no crab for us to catch. So we just back to the resort after that.

The 2nd day and also the last day of the trip.

Had walked alone at the seaside to take photos because my parent went there early than me and i was waiting for others to get prepared so i decided to go there alone.

There was no crab at the night but there was many little crabs in the morning.
They moved so fast and can't even catch them. When i was holding my camera and ready for take photo of the crab and i found nothing through the screen of my camera because the color of the crab and the color of those sand are similar. -.- Luckily that there still some crabs that not afraid of my camera and so i still able to take photo of them.

The breakfast of the resort and cost RM20 each. OMG..

Had a walked after the breakfast with family before we left.

Found a crab and it's female,it's pregnant.

While dad help me took photo with the crab.

Here the outcome.

Found hermit crab also.

Used panorama again so that we do not need to ask other for help to capture family photo.

The coconut tree is so short and cute.

And see what people wrote on the coconut. Funny.

Family photo.

The peacock of the resort.

It's time to leave.
And it's still haven't end.There is a last part.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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