Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Pangkor Island Trip ~ 4

After had a morning walked along the beach and we got back to our resort and took bath and packed our baggage. We headed to the jetty after checked out. The ferry we took to Pangkor only one storey,luckily that the ferry we took when we back was double storey and due to we were the last who got into the ferry and we all stand on the open air of ferry,and we took a lot of photos there since it has a distance from Pankor jetty to Lumut jetty. 
Eldest brother's gf-Miki.

Baba and Mami.
See my dad's smile,attractive!

This new shades was purposely bought for this trip but i wanted to buy it so long ago.

The 3rd brother.

The sea,too bad that my phone not with me that time,if not i can take a nicer photo with the setting of the camera.

It's under the sun but still want to take photo under the sun because not much chances to take ferry and can stand on the open air .

My eldest brother asked my baba any comment about this trip and he said still okay and he the moment he like was took ferry that we able to stand at open air to enjoy the sea view and sea breeze. hahhaha..cute dad..

Guess the flag is from which country ???
My dad said it's Pangkor's flag...LOL

Back to the Lumut jetty.

When to Kampung Koh @ Sitiawan for seafood lunch.

We ate more plentiful than Pankor one but the price in Kampung Koh is more cheaper !
My Mami was :"ahhhhh??!!"

Had a great trip with family. Looking forward for more family trip and we planing to go Lamgkawi next year,hope we can make it.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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