Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Bus Bistro @ Ipoh

So sorry to my friends,due to the busyness of me, forced to celebrate their birthday early although one is 16th November however one is 10th December. I felt guilty but i was busy foe exam during the period of their birthday. 
Went to Berlin Bier's Houz @ Greentown at first......
While waiting friend at the car park.

But we left Berlin Bier's Houz without ordering ( guilty again ) and went to The Bus Bistro @ Greenhill,Ipoh.

The environment is not bad,we can choose to sit open air or inside. Actually i prefer open air,but my friends want to sit inside,so i just followed. But we ended didn't get to chat much because the we sat at long sofa which was too big for 6 of us.

The Bus Bistro(Facebook) -

I'm not a beer addict,but my friend.
They ordered a towel or beer and we came here is because they heard beer selling here is cheaper.

First time i saw there served beer with Eiffel Tower. Nice.

Naval Cadet...Ordered by me. RM13
Wanted to order cocktail at first,but luckily i ordered mocktail at last.
  My drink is the best compared to them.

Cocktail for Poh Yee. Rm15 if not mistaken
I drank a bit of it,and what i thought was "luckily" .... I just don't like the taste of liquor.

Yan's Virgin Pina Colada... It's mocktail too.. 

The one reason why i don't like side fringe is my oily face make the fringe oily too.

Poh Yee and Hui Xin (Yan).

RM9.90 if not mistaken. Ordered by Lun, He expected it only serve in a few pieces,but it come with a basket..

Used my new brown color eyes shadow,how is it ? Need improvement ?

They sang few songs and rest for so long...They didn't perform the song we ordered also.
Bad... However,they helped us to wish and sang birthday song.

Girls of the night.

We wore ribbon coincidentally and also in the range of red-pink 

The chocolate alcoholic cake from Awesome Bakery

Who like alcohol should try the alcoholic cake.. Have alcohol in another way.

6 of us of the night.

Stay Turn~
Have a nice day.

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