Sunday, 30 October 2011

Watermelon boat

It was Saturday,29.10.2011,ended class at around 2.40pm ( class dismissed early ), went out with Susu. Planned to eat dessert at dessert shop but the 2 shop we went also closed ! Bad luck,so we ended up ate at the place we went there before那一间。 

 Life in Kampar is nothing special ,so, what i can post is about foods,because i have to eat everyday.

 He don't like to take photo XDD

 Wall sticker of the shop.

 Both of us share this watermelon boat.
Half of the watermelon,4 scoops of ice-cream,some cream,some cornflakes, few litchis, and some chocolate  rice.
It cost RM8.50 if not mistaken.

We ordered french fried also.

Ate Banana boat few times but never eat watermelon boat before.There is papaya boat also.
Like dessert !

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Devil's Kitchen

It's was Friday night,28.20.2011,walked back home with a high speed but not run because there was rain before that and the sky getting darker together with lightning .Used only 20 minutes to rush back home,it consider fast as i used 30 minutes normally with normal speed.
It was arounf 6.50pm when i reached hostel and straight away went for dinner due to we were hungry.We planned to to Easy House but it was closed.So we went to Devil's Kitchen,it was Little Kitchen before that,i think the boss and the menu have changed,but the interior design still the same.

Susu and me...

Both of us ordered set,it consist of a drink,main course and soup.
Both of us chose soya instead of herbal tea.

Susu's Devil's spicy chicken rice.
I think it is only curry chicken .

My mushroom chicken chop rice.
The mushroom sauce is quite nice,not like other mushroom sauce of other restaurant which tasteless or taste bad.This one is quite nice.Just like what Susu said :" mushroom sauce got mushroom taste." ...haha

Me with my set of dinner.
It cost RM7.50,i think is reasonable...

 Then we went to a stall located in front of Secret Recipe of Kampar New town.Heard from my friends that it very nice.Heard it for so long but never try before,lastly got the chance to try.

We bought fried sweet potato and fried chicken.
I RECOMMENDED it too,it really nice.Both we bought also nice.For the chicken,some of those fried chicken outside was fried with a lot of flour but this one not ! NICE ! 

Craving for it but it fats =(


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Fish and chips

Is lazy to blog nowadays,so i seldom update my blog and there is nothing to write.This post should be few weeks ago or even 1 month ? Can't remember.
Remember that one of my post is about fish and chips before ?
Due to i miss that,so i bought it during my sem break.

Here the one,fish and chips (to know the brand of this,click on the link i shown above).Unfreeze the fish and chips.

I make it as my breakfast so i would like to make it more healthier to have some vegetables instead of only fried and oily foods.


And oranges.

Boil some water to cook the broccoli.

Fried egg.

Fried french fries.

Fried the fish. Use some tissue to absorb some of the oil.

Like to mix the tomato sauce and chili sauce together.

Attractive colour.

A cup of fresh orange juice.

I like to make my my meals look attractive because i will feel more happy for doing it and eat it although it will be mess up when i eat but i just care how nice is the decoration before that.So those stuffs with attractive package will attract my attention always. happy.100% cooked by myself ! 

Happy Deepawali ! Enjoy your day.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Easy House

Went to Easy House of Kampar with Gia Wei,Bee Kuan and Zhi Yin.
I think it is a branch of Easy House which located in Ipoh Parade.The materials used to decoration the shop is similar so i think it is.

 The photo quite blur which took by my handphone.

 My "Dream Come True"...hope that my dream come true after drinking it.

 My meals...don't know what it name..not worth to eat because ingredients is quite less but taste not bad. There is only egg with some sausages and bottom have rice only.But the sauce is not bad.

 Gia Wei's black pepper beef rice.
Bee Kuan order black pepper chicken rice if not mistaken.

 Zhi Yin's .

 Zhi Yin and Bee kuan.I think they don't know i captured them.

Took by Bee Kuan.

Overall is okay.Will visit again !

New experience

Many people posted on FB,Twitter on Friday about they feel happy because today will be Saturday.I believe that it is because they have no class on Saturday.But i'm not one of them who feel happy because i still have class on every Saturday for this semester.But i won't feel that sad of having class on Saturday except i can't back Ipoh every week because Saturday class is Japanese class,it's quite interesting.

 Wait the UTAR bus in the morning but there is no bus on that time,i forced to walked to campus,but i'm wearing short pants,it is not allow to go in KTAR area with short pants ,so forced to went back home and changed.When i go through KTAR,i realized that there was graduation ceremony,many parents and students there.Congratulation to those who success to graduate.I walked quite fast to avoid late ,luckily i was punctual,i'm not use to late except there is something happen.

 Class at 10am to 12pm and 3pm to 5pm.But decided to attend the class at 1pm to 3pm as there is a class with same lecturer on that time.Rushed back to home by walk as there is no bus on that period again.
Suppose that Mun Yee took bus back to Ipoh with me,but due to some reason,she didn't back,so i just took bus alone.THE FIRST TIME ! Not the first time i took bus,but the first time i took bus alone.Wait around 40 minutes finally there is a bus.Reached Ipoh at around 5pm.Thanks God i reached home safely.
Is headache now because of the hot weather when i waiting for the bus.

It's a new experience for me and i think my parent won't feel that worry when i took bus back next time.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Strawberry Moment

Remember previous post that i dating with love,and it haven't ended,so now i continue it. We had many activities that day,i think it was the first time we went to so many place within a day with each others,was happy but tired too.
The last destination of the day was Strawberry Moment.
I went there before,that time was with Xiao Tung and Cheng Yee. 

I order this high tea set.RM9.90,Included strawberry strudel + strawberry white coffee and fresh strawberry. Price is reasonable i think.

Doremon be my model.

Strawberry strudel.

My set...

Are u drooling ?
I let them tried my strudel and they were ordered another strudel and a slice cake but ended up they full till can't finish all the foods and need help from me.I was full too.

Kar Kar's chicken chop.

Cup cake of Pei Yee's BF.

Ice-cream of Kar Kar.

5 pairs of smiley earrings that i helped Mun Yee to buy,she love everything which with the smiley.

While i like almost everything with the ribbon.haha.I bought myself a pair of ribbon earring cost RM2.The only thing i bought that day.

Hope that i can hang out with my dearests again soon.

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