Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Fish and chips

Is lazy to blog nowadays,so i seldom update my blog and there is nothing to write.This post should be few weeks ago or even 1 month ? Can't remember.
Remember that one of my post is about fish and chips before ?
Due to i miss that,so i bought it during my sem break.

Here the one,fish and chips (to know the brand of this,click on the link i shown above).Unfreeze the fish and chips.

I make it as my breakfast so i would like to make it more healthier to have some vegetables instead of only fried and oily foods.


And oranges.

Boil some water to cook the broccoli.

Fried egg.

Fried french fries.

Fried the fish. Use some tissue to absorb some of the oil.

Like to mix the tomato sauce and chili sauce together.

Attractive colour.

A cup of fresh orange juice.

I like to make my my meals look attractive because i will feel more happy for doing it and eat it although it will be mess up when i eat but i just care how nice is the decoration before that.So those stuffs with attractive package will attract my attention always. happy.100% cooked by myself ! 

Happy Deepawali ! Enjoy your day.

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