Friday, 25 May 2012

Uncle Joost's birthday 2012

It's the first time we celebrate Uncle Joost's birthday.Uncle Joost is my Baba's friend.He is from Holland.Uncle Joost treated us for dinner.He not really know the place in Ipoh although he live in Ipoh for many years.We brought him to some places where serve western foods,and this time we brought him to another new place that he never go there,we went to Yeolde English that night. 

 Baba brought Uncle Joost a cake. It is pandan layer cake.

 He is uncle Joost.

 He treat us like family members and we do.He is so happy that we celebrate birthday with him.
Nice to meet him and i can improve my English because he only know English,so force to speak English with him and my dad not good in English,i'm be his interperter.

Stay turn.
Have a nice day.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

de Vision Cafe

Went there few month before,now only i update about it.This cafe open for so long but never go there before,just feel like wanna have a try that day so Susu and me went there to have a try.

They put effort in the interior design .

Unique,special,nice.Nice environment always can attract people.

There is a small pond.

My red bean ice blended .. nice..

My fries rice.Not bad.

They have only few choices ,and the price consider as a bit high.U went few times already can try all the foods and drinks over there.



Thanks Susu treated me this strawberry ice snow ice..hoho

Stay Turn.
Have a nice day.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Mami's birthday 2012

This the present i bought for Mami.A small sewing machine.It is a music box.I bought it in Kampar 1 month before Mami's birthday.She is happy when saw this cute little thing.My house got one real sewing machine which similar to this one.
(Mami's birthday on 16th April)

Went to this restaurant as a celebration for Mami.

This is carrot juice.The most worst carrot juice i ever drink.Wonder how large is the carrot that used to make this juice,because it almost tasteless !

Mami..She don't know i captured this photo.

This fish was too big for 5 of us and this fish was the most expensive one.It was half of the total bill ..Oh no..

I planned to make a bouquet of flower for Mami when mother's day,but i lack of time due to exam and i just make only one rose for her.Eldest brother celebrate birthday + mother's day when he came back,but i'm not there because i was in Kampar preparing for the exam.

Love Mami ...She is the most important women in my life !

Changed my blog style,so do leave me your opinion about it...thanks and appreciate it

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

M One Cafe

Been some time we didn't met up ,so Yan dated us.Due to some problems,my sifu came late,ended up around 9pm he just fetch me ..I wait till felt sleepy seriously.
 We went to M One cafe,First Garden. We planned to go Greentown at first,due to they came late and my parents want me to go back before 12am :D That's why we changed plan.

 Felt so cold that night,a cup of hot beverage will do.

Below are some photos taken on that day.

I'm tired now.Stay in hospital whole day because mummy did an operation today.May write a post about that.

Stay Turn.
Have a nice day.

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