Monday, 10 March 2014

Mekong Delta @ Vietnam (2)

A long hectic aka last semester of my Bachelor Degree life. Been neglected my blog for so long and finally i am a little free to update it. It is not about cafe but the Vietnam trip on last year.  
It also the last post about Mekong Delta.

We went to coconut candy factory. You can see there is a lot of coconut trees along the way to the factory. The blue color thing is to prevent other animal from climbing up to eat the coconut.

According to the tour guide, as a children you can forget birthday of your parents but you definitely cannot forget the date of your parents pass away. They do celebrate the date of parents pass away like we celebrate for our birthday. This date is important because without parents you will not be what you are like now. For those rich people or people who own farm will place the graves in the farm. This is nor applicable for those who live in city because there is not enough for them.

The tour guide said that their coconut candies are best but for me and my parents, we think that the coconut candies of Malaysia is better because of the taste.

Crafts make by coconut.

Spotted a buffalo in the river. I used to see buffalo in everywhere of Kampar but i never seen buffalo in the river so i was so exiting for it.

Went to have our lunch which is included in the package of this trip.

Through the Google, we knew that this place is famous with fish but this is not included in the package, we paid extra for it.

They wrapped the vegetables, fish and noodles by the rice skin. It is recommended to eat together with the sauce provided.

The fish we ordered was steam but we intended to eat fried one but we doesn't know there is 2 ways of cooking it.

The lunch of the package.

We were given a long time to walk around or cycle around there.

The last place we visited. A place that used to thank those tourists who joined the trip.  We served by fresh fruits and drinks.

The locals present us few songs which according to the tour guide that the song is about gratitude.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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