Sunday, 30 September 2012

My big day 2012~Part 1

No more delay ,no more delay.
I feel tired now but i have to update about my birthday first if not there must be many post waiting for me.
Here the first surprise i got. 
Stay in Kampar during my birthday due to the final exam. Hate it,hate it much. Past 2 years of my birthday in Kampar. How can i don't hate Kampar and final exam right ?

Gia Wei "cheated" me with the reason of she back campus for register something on 15th of Sept which is on Saturday and dated me for lunch. But i'm not really believe her as i know their campus activity will not schedule on Saturday normally although she posted on her wall and asked her friend about what time they going back,from the way they answer make me feel like, "so fake"...hahaha.

On 15th of Sept,Gia Wei sms me and ask me to help her open the door of our hostel. erm..then i thought is it something or someone pop out once i open the door ? I just try to persuade myself not to think too much and told myself just because she haven't get the new key of the door (door damaged before that and changed a new one).

Once i opened the door......okay...i'm think too much >.< 
No one there except Gia Wei then we back to our room and discuss where and what we want to eat. I prepared everything to go out with her and suddenly...Soon and Yuet Cheng sang birthday song with a mini Rilakkuma cake. It's surprise me when i thought there will be nothing happen. And one thing that make me laugh is Gia Wei being scared by them also although she knew everything. How can ? Because she didn't heard the sound when they came in the hostel. hahah 

I suspected that Soon will come together before that day since he was having sem break that time but i can't and never think that Yuet Cheng came together also since he seldom back Ipoh. Another surprise.

And the 3rd surprise was the present from Gia Wei. Been some time i never received a present that wrapped by gift wrapper and such a big size.

Is a printed album.
Is a present that full of memories.
Let's see inside, i captured every single page and post all here.

An album that not full of my photos only but the memories of mine,with families,with Gia Wei,with other friends from secondary school until now,with my besties,with ex-colleagues and with Utar's friends.
My dear,one thing that i wanna tell u and but i keep forget about it,that is,u check and see who is left out,i means from our gang,see whether u know who is missed out. haha 

Thanks for accompanied and make me feel that my birthday is not lonely like last year and i didn't past my birthday with tear.Oh ya..i tears on my birthday,16th Sept,when i cut onion :D
Thanks you <3

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

What's popular in Kampar recently ?

I'm craving for this when i writing this post. Can i have it now ?
The newly open TauFuFa shop in new town @ Kampar.
This tau fu fa shop own by my Marketing lecturer. He is a very good lecturer ! He knows many things i means the information about Marketing,he tends to make the lecture interesting like what Xiao Tung said, never feel sleepy during his class. I like to attend his class also.
Must support him for sure !!! 
I LOVE how foods serve with the chicken bowl.

 Date with Xiao Tung, Cheng Yee, Wai Yan and Oleng that day.

 頂豐 support !
Tau fu fa is so nice.

 The man with spec is my Marketing lecturer.

 As marketing lecturer,he knows to be the special one can be the market leader always but sure that it must be tasty. So he came out something different from the original tau fu fa.
I just tried the original one,wanna try the birdnest tau fu fa but still haven't get the chance to try it.

 The 2nd popular things must be pearl milk tea ! There is around 7-8 pearl milk tea opened in Kampar new town within 2 months it think. It's crazy ! Something that is too much will only make people feel annoying. Yea,students do like to drink pearl milk tea or yumcha under such nice environment with air-con but it's way too much. Bo 8 tea was our second round after we ate tau fu fa we decided to go there is because it had 50% discount that time.

 2 of my cute cute friends Wai Yan and Oleng.

 Cheng Yee and i.

It's RM 2.45 !!! 
I ordered Passion lemon and i tried the same passion fruit drink at Bubblean and Ochado ,and my conclusion is i prefer Bo 8 tea. There is few more pearl milk tea shop that i never try and hope to try all at least once. I'm not a big fans of pearl milk tea but just wanna try it. For me,i might not going back the second time since pearl milk tea is not healthy drinks and it cause fat i think ! 
Will blog about my birthday from next post onward.. yeah ~

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Ombre nail art tutorial

Bored of travel and food posts.So make a nail art tutorial before continue with others food and birthday post.

Ombre color is so popular nowadays no matter is hair or nail art. I don't have ombre hair because my parent not allow ( good girl ) but i can have ombre nail art. Watched many tutorial from FB and YouTube, and decided to have a nice because ombre nail art is nice and easy to do as well. U can find the tools easily.
 Here the sample. 
Theme : Light blue and white.

What you need :
1. Base coat
2. Light blue color nail lacquer 
3. White color nail lacquer
4. Top coat
5. Cotton
6. Sponge 
7. Toothpick

Let's start :)
The first step always the apply base coat..

The second step is to apply 2 layers of white color nail lacquer.
It's doesn't matter if nail lacquer is out of the nail areas ( my skills is not that good,i did it always but i have the solution,let's continue read this post and u will know it ) .

Third step is to apply the white and light blue color lacquer on the sponge like the photo above.
( You can buy sponge at Watsons, Guardian or anywhere else that selling those sponge for make up use. )

Slightly press the sponge on the nails.

Moving the sponge like up and down 2-3 times to make sure the light blue color is eventually apply on the upper part of the nails.
 Moving the sponge left and right 2-3 times to make sure the nail lacquer fully apply with the width of nails.

( See the photo below to check the outcome)   
See how dirty it is.
Btw, i will show how to remove those nail lacquer that out of the nail areas.

Here it is, the purpose of using toothpick.
Take a little of cotton and roll it at the end of the toothpick make it similar like the photo above and dip some lacquer remover then u can slowly remover those lacquer that out of the nail areas. 

And the last step always apply top coat.


Is it easy ?
Is it nice ?

In love with ombre nail art.
Do u feel like wanna try it after read the tutorial ?
If there is any step that u r confuse can comment on below to ask me,i will reply u what u need to do is just check comment back.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Touch the nature

Continue of previous post,the 2nd day and also the last day relatives stay in Ipoh. As everyone know,there is not much places to visit in Ipoh. I suggested to go "Guan Yin Tong" since they all never went before included my parent. "Ji Le Tong" is nearby there,so went there first before "Guan Yin Tong".

Eldest brother and Baba.

Mami and Baba.

洞外有天,if u didn't climb up the staircases and u couldn't see the nice view on the other side.

Cousin holding my baby niece. Lovely moment.

"Guan Yin Tong is 2nd place we visited.

 We are Monkey baby.

 Lovely Baba and Mami.

 Guess how old !
See if u correct :)

 Know all of u guess wrongly !
Dirty minded. tsk tsk tsk..hahhah

"Guan Yin Tong" is so beautiful.
Is different from "Perak Tong","San Bao Tong" and so on..

 They just acting.
Good actors ..haha

 The only niece who cry when touching "Kong Zi",she scared.
People believe that will bring good luck in studies by touching "Kong Zi".

 Cousin bought so many packs of fish feed for kids to feed fishes nearby the river.

3 lovely babies.

That's all for post. Don't feel like wanna split it into 3 posts so i just split it into 2 posts so that i can update about others faster.

Stay turn.
Have a nice day. 

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