Sunday, 30 September 2012

My big day 2012~Part 1

No more delay ,no more delay.
I feel tired now but i have to update about my birthday first if not there must be many post waiting for me.
Here the first surprise i got. 
Stay in Kampar during my birthday due to the final exam. Hate it,hate it much. Past 2 years of my birthday in Kampar. How can i don't hate Kampar and final exam right ?

Gia Wei "cheated" me with the reason of she back campus for register something on 15th of Sept which is on Saturday and dated me for lunch. But i'm not really believe her as i know their campus activity will not schedule on Saturday normally although she posted on her wall and asked her friend about what time they going back,from the way they answer make me feel like, "so fake"...hahaha.

On 15th of Sept,Gia Wei sms me and ask me to help her open the door of our hostel. erm..then i thought is it something or someone pop out once i open the door ? I just try to persuade myself not to think too much and told myself just because she haven't get the new key of the door (door damaged before that and changed a new one).

Once i opened the door......okay...i'm think too much >.< 
No one there except Gia Wei then we back to our room and discuss where and what we want to eat. I prepared everything to go out with her and suddenly...Soon and Yuet Cheng sang birthday song with a mini Rilakkuma cake. It's surprise me when i thought there will be nothing happen. And one thing that make me laugh is Gia Wei being scared by them also although she knew everything. How can ? Because she didn't heard the sound when they came in the hostel. hahah 

I suspected that Soon will come together before that day since he was having sem break that time but i can't and never think that Yuet Cheng came together also since he seldom back Ipoh. Another surprise.

And the 3rd surprise was the present from Gia Wei. Been some time i never received a present that wrapped by gift wrapper and such a big size.

Is a printed album.
Is a present that full of memories.
Let's see inside, i captured every single page and post all here.

An album that not full of my photos only but the memories of mine,with families,with Gia Wei,with other friends from secondary school until now,with my besties,with ex-colleagues and with Utar's friends.
My dear,one thing that i wanna tell u and but i keep forget about it,that is,u check and see who is left out,i means from our gang,see whether u know who is missed out. haha 

Thanks for accompanied and make me feel that my birthday is not lonely like last year and i didn't past my birthday with tear.Oh ya..i tears on my birthday,16th Sept,when i cut onion :D
Thanks you <3

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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