Saturday, 29 September 2012

What's popular in Kampar recently ?

I'm craving for this when i writing this post. Can i have it now ?
The newly open TauFuFa shop in new town @ Kampar.
This tau fu fa shop own by my Marketing lecturer. He is a very good lecturer ! He knows many things i means the information about Marketing,he tends to make the lecture interesting like what Xiao Tung said, never feel sleepy during his class. I like to attend his class also.
Must support him for sure !!! 
I LOVE how foods serve with the chicken bowl.

 Date with Xiao Tung, Cheng Yee, Wai Yan and Oleng that day.

 頂豐 support !
Tau fu fa is so nice.

 The man with spec is my Marketing lecturer.

 As marketing lecturer,he knows to be the special one can be the market leader always but sure that it must be tasty. So he came out something different from the original tau fu fa.
I just tried the original one,wanna try the birdnest tau fu fa but still haven't get the chance to try it.

 The 2nd popular things must be pearl milk tea ! There is around 7-8 pearl milk tea opened in Kampar new town within 2 months it think. It's crazy ! Something that is too much will only make people feel annoying. Yea,students do like to drink pearl milk tea or yumcha under such nice environment with air-con but it's way too much. Bo 8 tea was our second round after we ate tau fu fa we decided to go there is because it had 50% discount that time.

 2 of my cute cute friends Wai Yan and Oleng.

 Cheng Yee and i.

It's RM 2.45 !!! 
I ordered Passion lemon and i tried the same passion fruit drink at Bubblean and Ochado ,and my conclusion is i prefer Bo 8 tea. There is few more pearl milk tea shop that i never try and hope to try all at least once. I'm not a big fans of pearl milk tea but just wanna try it. For me,i might not going back the second time since pearl milk tea is not healthy drinks and it cause fat i think ! 
Will blog about my birthday from next post onward.. yeah ~

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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