Thursday, 23 February 2012

City of Arva ~ 1

Finally finished CNY post.If u concern my blog always and read every single word,u will know i will post about an exhibition i participated.Here i update for it. 

5th of January if not mistaken,i back to Kampar with thousand unwillingness because i should be enjoying my last week of semester break that time but i have to go back Kampar for preparation of the exhibition.
 I stay at Mun Yee's hostel for that few days because the place we worked in Cambridge,somewhere double distance from my hostel compared with Mun Yee's hostel. Her room is double room,so there is one more bed for me(no other roommate).All the things there belong Mun Yee except the black color jacket and the towel below the jacket.Suppose that there has blanket and a small pillow,i brought to Kampar,but i left them in car and they "travel" from Ipoh to Kampar and back to Ipoh again.Pity me that felt cold in the midnight.

 Thanks hippo accompanied me slept for few days.

* Spot the smiley face on hippo's hand,actually i purposely make it for YOU,because u like that and u were not happy that period.*

Mun Yee.
 6th of January,11am we reached our working place.Many new faces there,i recognize some of them because they r my senior when secondary school.

The pants i wearing was broken accidentally when worked.Awkward enough ! 


 That's scary tree.

 Pretty Angel.

 So messy right ?
All the art works were majority make by cardboard,paper,newspaper...

 Min Zhi.
One of my senior.Have u read my blog ? Or i should ask do u know i own a blog ? Nevermind if u don't know.Many people will think that he is so fierce and unfriendly at first,but then will know that he is friendly and humor after communicate with him for some time,and i'm the one of them too.I so afraid to in the same group with him,but i felt happy and lucky to in the same group with him at last.

 We able to leave earlier that day,but ended up we had to cut butteries.
 There had a big joke that night about MOP ,everyone laughed so loud.

 With Kai Qi,secondary schoolmate also.

Our Buttery.

 Not sure it is 3rd or 4th day,Jacky let us play a small game.

 Guess what is that ? :D

 "Repairing" the scary tree.

 We in the "scary forest".


 Make by tissue paper.

 We make so so so many of flowers,it took us 2-3 days,Mun Yee,Angel and me must emo everytime we make that because just too boring and kept did the same thing.Actually not because we were unhappy,but just too bored.

 Everyday we ate together,

We worked together,we laugh together,we had fun together,ended up we become friends.
We divided into 3 groups but due to many people absent so we divided into 2 groups only,i'm team 3,team 1 & 2 combined to become one team.
I like team 3 the most. Glad to meet u all.

Stay turn for more.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

CNY 2012 ~ Part 6

 aIs the last post of CNY. Is already end of February andi know it,but i still updating about my CNY,okay,i'm lazy,i'm busy is the reason. :D
Was a steambot night at my cousin sister's house.
Went to a fish market to buy some fresh fishes for steambot.

My niece.His is only 2-3 months.Cute him,can see him grow up so big when next time we meet again,because next time we meet might be few weeks,months later or even next year just can meet. 

Brother and the nephew.

Everyone had their own thing to do at they,some discuss about wine.

Some busy for preparing,i'm busy for taking photo,the little girl busy for "kacau".

What we ate.

The fresh fishes we bought from the fish market.

All i like !

All the ingredients.

Start !
I can't eat much,especially steambot ,so easy to feel full ,so is not a good choice for me to eat steambot at outside,but i ate so much that day.Satisfy.

The TV is cartoon,we all forced to watch cartoon also.

Not for me.It taste bad for me :D

My uncle saw me captured them and i smile then he smile too.

Mahjong for them is entertainment,impossible for me to watch cartoon with those kids i think.

It's CNY but Christmas tree still there.

The Santa Claus destroyed by my niece that night ! 
Naughty girl.

There was a small lucky game too.Everyone of us can take one angpao from the bag,no matter how old u r,baby,youngster,got partner,no partner,married,not married also have to take.

I'm not lucky in those lucky game always.
I showed the numbers is because who took the number that announced can take another angpao again.

3 of them were the winner for 1st round.

The 2nd round is the same step,but only one of them can take another angpao again.The red shirt one,my cousin sister's husband were the lucky one,he got 3 angpao totally !
See the "yellow monster",ate angpao =.=" too hungry ? Is too naughty i think !

Love to have gathering with them.When can we meet again ?

It's Saturday and we had to go back.Thousand unwilling for me to back ,and the most unwilling thing is that i don't want back Kampar ! I hate Kampar,i miss my family,serious home sick.

Stay turn for next post.

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