Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Cameron Highland 1 day trip ~ part 1

I mentioned on my previous post that i went to Cameron Highland...
That's 29.8.2011 .Who never go Cameron Highland before ? Hand up ! I like to go Cameron because the weather and the environment,RELAX.

My niece,Yee Teng.
The first place we visited this time (should say it is the first place we visit everytime)

My mummy...

I like the design of the building..

How old are u tortoise ?

My cousin sister bought something to eat...Quite nice and attractive...


are u drooling ? hehe

We opened the window instead of air-con to feel the cold air...

My hair was messy due to the strong wind...

The second place we went...My eldest brother and his GF.

The little girl is so adorable ..

My funny brother.

My cousin sister and his husband...i can't wait to see her baby,she will born baby at around November..

Same post...

Below are the combination of fruits,vegetables and flowers that i took in Cameron Highland.Let's see which u like ...

Nice right ?
Will have part 2 on next post... =)

Relatives visited

Quite a long time i never update my blog,sorry for that,here i come to update it...Forgive me...

My cousin sister from KL came to Ipoh with her husband and her sister's daughter(my niece) to visit us.They reached Ipoh at around 2pm.Normally we can meet each other for few time per year only,may be less than 5 times per year.Quite less.But due to the Hari Raya & National day,many people can have few days off,so that  they decided to came Ipoh to visit us and to play around.My eldest brother also having 4-5 days off,he came back on the day before of my cousin sister came to Ipoh.

This the art work of my niece,Yee Teng.She used Microsoft Excel to make it.Is a Horse.Cute right ?

Meat balls...

Bring them to eat the famous food in Ipoh...who never heard of 怡保芽菜鸡?
The first/second to eat it is at 老黄芽菜鸡/安记芽菜鸡...but we were not going to this 2 places to eat it,because we know that we many be unable to have chance to eat or may be have to wait for so so so long for the seat because too many people .We were going to a shop at Buntong,Ipoh.Heard that the owner is sibling of 老黄芽菜鸡. 
I think many of my readers are not from Ipoh,and may be never try on it before,and so i decided to capture photos of the foods to share it out here.



And mee...normally using "keow teow" (KL people's language) for Ipoh is "ho fen"(河粉). Ipoh language "keow teow" not equal to 河粉,but other food,when my cousin sister said "keow teow" to a waitress and she just " ah ? ah ? what's that? ".

Must eat 怡保芽菜鸡when visit to Ipoh,okay ?

This is Cody,a dog of my brother's gf...It wearing a bee cloth..Cute ???

That all for this post,Cameron trip on next post..stay turn =)

Sunday, 21 August 2011

全面通缉潘玮柏《808》大马宣传之旅2011金宝拉曼大学 part 2


全面通缉潘玮柏《808》大马宣传之旅2011金宝拉曼大学 part1 ?

Waiting to read part 2 ???

Argggggg !!! Will Pan  Will Pan  Will Pan !!
Cool man...
Photos were took from somewhere because my camera can't take nice photo like this and i am far away compare to photographers...

He look handsome and cute after take off his sunglasses...
Jim 庄靖毅 of My Fm was the DJ of the night.another handsome guy as well.

Will Pan holding towel...He must be very hot...

Every movement of him can "kill" lots of people !


There was a photographer captured photos and i staring at the camera that time...look shock..but i like it.

Let's watch the the video's below,interesting parts of that day...

Will Pan look very very very cute here right ???

His smile,the most powerful "armament" to "kill" us...

Thanks to DIGI that i get FREE ALBUM of Will Pan ! And i got the chance to get his signature and see him with a short distance that i never try before to other singers/artists...

he signing on my album...wow...
Just got a little bit repentant because can't take photo with him.Do i have chance to take photo with him ? May I ?

Yay~I got it !

From left to right
Cheng Yee, Mun Yee, Angel Sing, Xiao Tung, and Me..

All of us ...The car behind us is the car for dancers...

This only the car for Will Pan !
After we wait Will Pan to leave,and we leave too,Gia Wei fetch us to Grand Kampar Hotel to see whether Will Pan's car at there or not,BUT,he is not there ! 

Will Pan ! Have to admit and have to repeat and repeat ,again and again that you are super handsome, cute and fair enough.Real person is thousand handsome than what we see in magazine,newspaper,photos !

CD+DVD...I will keep it nicely...
Thanks Will Pan for giving me this best memory in my life...Waiting u to visit Malaysia again!
Not to forget to thanks UTAR and those who organize this event ! Before is 品冠,now is 潘玮柏.Expecting who will be the next singer who come UTAR.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

全面通缉潘玮柏《808》大马宣传之旅2011金宝拉曼大学 part1

Hey guys,are u all waiting for this post ? BTW,i wait for it for so long. There is too many photos that i want to share it out,so i just split it into 2 posts.
Will Pan,潘玮柏,came my campus,UTAR...Very excited.

I make up...Before and after ...Beside my eyes look nicer,there is not much different.

Susu helped me to straighten my hair...thank you ^^

After 1 hours ++ preparation ,and finally i had done .Take photos is a MUST !

Look much different with make up and without make ???

I know i'm FAT...i know...

While waiting other friends,Gia Wei and me took photos in the car...

Gia Wei and me ...She make up too...Pretty right ?

We reach there at around 5.30pm,there already got some people queued up there.

Mun Yee.

Our tickets..

The helper gave us some paper and pens to write something for Will Pan...

Due to we are Digi users,the place we stand was different with others who are not Digi users.Luckily we are Digi users...


 Meet Angel and Wai Mei at there...

From left to right, Mun Yee, Pui San, Sze Sze, Siew Yin, Yong Shan, Gia Wei and Me ..

Due to we are Digi users and we were within 60th,every 2 tickets can get an album for FREE !
happy happy

The stage...

This post till there.Stay Turn for the next post!
Tell you guys first,Will Pan is really really really HANDSOME and CUTE !!! LOVE HIM !

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