Saturday, 20 August 2011

全面通缉潘玮柏《808》大马宣传之旅2011金宝拉曼大学 part1

Hey guys,are u all waiting for this post ? BTW,i wait for it for so long. There is too many photos that i want to share it out,so i just split it into 2 posts.
Will Pan,潘玮柏,came my campus,UTAR...Very excited.

I make up...Before and after ...Beside my eyes look nicer,there is not much different.

Susu helped me to straighten my hair...thank you ^^

After 1 hours ++ preparation ,and finally i had done .Take photos is a MUST !

Look much different with make up and without make ???

I know i'm FAT...i know...

While waiting other friends,Gia Wei and me took photos in the car...

Gia Wei and me ...She make up too...Pretty right ?

We reach there at around 5.30pm,there already got some people queued up there.

Mun Yee.

Our tickets..

The helper gave us some paper and pens to write something for Will Pan...

Due to we are Digi users,the place we stand was different with others who are not Digi users.Luckily we are Digi users...


 Meet Angel and Wai Mei at there...

From left to right, Mun Yee, Pui San, Sze Sze, Siew Yin, Yong Shan, Gia Wei and Me ..

Due to we are Digi users and we were within 60th,every 2 tickets can get an album for FREE !
happy happy

The stage...

This post till there.Stay Turn for the next post!
Tell you guys first,Will Pan is really really really HANDSOME and CUTE !!! LOVE HIM !

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