Sunday, 21 August 2011

全面通缉潘玮柏《808》大马宣传之旅2011金宝拉曼大学 part 2


全面通缉潘玮柏《808》大马宣传之旅2011金宝拉曼大学 part1 ?

Waiting to read part 2 ???

Argggggg !!! Will Pan  Will Pan  Will Pan !!
Cool man...
Photos were took from somewhere because my camera can't take nice photo like this and i am far away compare to photographers...

He look handsome and cute after take off his sunglasses...
Jim 庄靖毅 of My Fm was the DJ of the night.another handsome guy as well.

Will Pan holding towel...He must be very hot...

Every movement of him can "kill" lots of people !


There was a photographer captured photos and i staring at the camera that time...look shock..but i like it.

Let's watch the the video's below,interesting parts of that day...

Will Pan look very very very cute here right ???

His smile,the most powerful "armament" to "kill" us...

Thanks to DIGI that i get FREE ALBUM of Will Pan ! And i got the chance to get his signature and see him with a short distance that i never try before to other singers/artists...

he signing on my
Just got a little bit repentant because can't take photo with him.Do i have chance to take photo with him ? May I ?

Yay~I got it !

From left to right
Cheng Yee, Mun Yee, Angel Sing, Xiao Tung, and Me..

All of us ...The car behind us is the car for dancers...

This only the car for Will Pan !
After we wait Will Pan to leave,and we leave too,Gia Wei fetch us to Grand Kampar Hotel to see whether Will Pan's car at there or not,BUT,he is not there ! 

Will Pan ! Have to admit and have to repeat and repeat ,again and again that you are super handsome, cute and fair enough.Real person is thousand handsome than what we see in magazine,newspaper,photos !

CD+DVD...I will keep it nicely...
Thanks Will Pan for giving me this best memory in my life...Waiting u to visit Malaysia again!
Not to forget to thanks UTAR and those who organize this event ! Before is 品冠,now is 潘玮柏.Expecting who will be the next singer who come UTAR.

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