Thursday, 25 April 2013

Low Fat Yogurt Mask

I planned to blog after my final exam is done but i blogging now doesn't mean that my exam is over however i just done 1 paper so far, 4 papers to go. I decided to so a short post and i bet this is useful for you especially those who don't feel like spend most money like me. This method is not created by me but i did some research in Google before i really start to use it.
As u see the title,yogurt mask that i mention definitely not those mask that you can buy is Sasa and cosmetic shop otherwise i won't say that it is for those who don't want to much money so don't get shock when see the photo above. I'm here not to show you how to eat but how to use it.

There is many brands of yogurt in the market,and i like Marigold the most (not to advertise Marigold). You might ask yogurt also got different ? YES ! The saturation of the yogurt is different for each of the brands. I did not try all the brands in the market but only few. The saturation of Marigold yogurt is thicker and it is more easy to apply to face and not that easy to flow down from the face and of course the amount you apply also interrelated.  

 Because of hygiene purpose, i take the amount of yogurt that i need in a container instead of directly use the spoon and apply to face then take the yogurt using the same spoon and apply to the face again. It is totally not hygiene and the yogurt will mold !! 

 After you take the necessary amount of yogurt you need and now is time to apply it to your face.
I use another spoon to take the yogurt.

 Apply it to your face and wash it off with water after 20-30 minutes then apply toner and other of your daily routine.

And one thing you have to know is use the plain natural yogurt, do not buy those with fruits one. 

One can of yogurt can use for 15-20 times,it's depends on the amount that you apply. One can of yogurt cost you about RM1.60 and you can use it so many times which means everytime you apply only cost you RM0.10 or even less than that. It superb cheap and i think it is suitable for all skin type especially for those who have dry and combination skin that your skin is dry and peeling always. Based on my experience,it is good in moisturizing. My nose is dry always,my nose do not peeling after i apply yogurt. 

You can have a try since it is so cheap. I apply yogurt almost everyday,you may use it everyday or 2-3 times a week. My friend like it after she try. You can share your experience with me if you use it as mask or you try it after you read my post.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Wok Sifu @ Jusco,Ipoh

A quick one before the next update at someday in future :D ( Final exam start on next week)
The blue skirt that i bought for CNY but end of March only is the first time i wore it.Like this photo because my hair cover my face and my face look so small. haha

Fresh lemon tea {hot}(鲜柠檬汁), RM4.90.

Cheese baked rice with beef steak(芝司荷香牛扒锔饭), RM15.80.

Oven baked bread bowl with cream of mushroom soup and fries(烤面包与奶油蘑菇和炸薯条), RM5.90.

Pork chop "Macau" style burger(澳门猪扒汉堡包), RM7.90.

Ming Heng.

A date of 3, a short gathering of us after CNY.

I'm having for the 2nd times within 3 months...seriously suffering from it. What happened to my body that make me sick so frequent ? I'm not used to fall sick so easily last time. May be because of the crazy weather ? All my readers have to take care too okay ?

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Take care.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Mami birthday 2013

Today is my beloved Mami's birthday,but  i'm now at Kampar :(
However i had a early celebration for her. I can't join the celebration for her together with my brothers on Saturday due to they back Ipoh on  Friday night and i back Kampar on Friday evening due to i went for Art & Craft society's Penang one day trip on Saturday. I didn't buy any present for her due to i don't know what to buy and i'm the best present :D hahaha. Don't have present,can't join the celebration too so i decided to buy a cake for her.
 Normal cake is so boring and i like cupcake recently (hope to have cupcake for my birthday too,haha) so i decided to buy cupcake for her. Saw many nice cupcake design in Instagram,but too bad the cake shop i went do not have the accessory to make the cupcake i want. So a cupcake with a woman's look will do. Short and curly hair which my Mami has.  

 I brought the cupcake back to Ipoh all the way from Kampar by public bus. Walked all the way from hostel to bus stop and took taxi to bus station for bus. You might ask why i take taxi from bus stop but not take bus at there directly ? It is because very less buses will come in,so in order to take bus faster i have to take taxi to the bus station.
 Luckily it just spoiled a little bit and the main thing still can be seen clearly.

16th April.
Happy Birthday to the women i love the most.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Sands Bistro and Cafe @ Ipoh

It located at the Kinta River Front that i went there before . I'm here for celebrate with 2 March babies who are Kar Kar & Pei Yee. This cafe is located right beside the river luckily do not have weird smell when we eating or else we will vomit.

The environment is quite nice. And they will sing birthday song for those who celebrate birthday there,they sang more than 3 times that night if not mistaken.

Lemon black tea, RM4.50.

Cheese baked salmon rice, RM19.90.

Passion fruit ice blended.

Carbonara with bacon, RM14.90.
This is super delicious !!! Craving for it almost everyday after the day i tried it ! 

French fries, RM5.90.
A little surprise for them.

This is not tasty and Kar Kar wasted almost the whole bowl of it.

Green tea cake.
The cake that Pei Yee bought for Kar Kar.

Suppose there is 8 people on that night due to some reason and become only 4 people.

My hairdo make my face look super fat. I really not suit for this kind of hairstyle,should have something cover my face. :(

The lovely couple.

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Monday, 1 April 2013

Wushu Night 2 @ UTAR,Kampar

I seldom attend event due to my close friends around me are not those active type of person who are seldom attend event also. Actually i like to attend event because i believe that most of the performances are nice although there is some events are boring. Thanks GOD i able to attend this event because Wushu Night 2 is amazing.  
I'm not going with UTAR friends but Ipoh friends due to one to the performer is my ex-colleague so that i invited other ex-colleague to support her. My friends are late due to they need to work. The event start at 7pm and i reached there at around 7.40pm,how i scare that i miss out those interesting part. I think the event start late as well,the event just started when we reached.

First time i tried this kind of eyeliner. Want to try it long time ago and i think i succeed. What do u think ?

Ribbon freak i am. I really wish that everything of me is ribbon. hahaha

Seriously,this is my first time to see the nigh view of UTAR Grand Hall. 

Louis and Hui Xin.

Due to they came late,so that i went out to bring them go into the hall however we took some photos before we went in.

Thanks them to come so that i can joined this event.

It's their first time to visit UTAR so that it is the prove of they ever visit UTAR.hahaha

I can see how much effort they put in,they really did a great job.
Photo above and below are taken from somewhere.

My favorite part of the night,the noctilucent dragon dance .

Purposely find LeiChiann to say Happy Birthday to her.

Angel Ng. My friend since the first sen i start my UTAR's life. 

Chang E !!
Kit Yin is the one we support ! She is the most popular one of that night,she have many fans included me.

Wushu Night 2 is the best performance i seen in UTAR.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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