Thursday, 25 April 2013

Low Fat Yogurt Mask

I planned to blog after my final exam is done but i blogging now doesn't mean that my exam is over however i just done 1 paper so far, 4 papers to go. I decided to so a short post and i bet this is useful for you especially those who don't feel like spend most money like me. This method is not created by me but i did some research in Google before i really start to use it.
As u see the title,yogurt mask that i mention definitely not those mask that you can buy is Sasa and cosmetic shop otherwise i won't say that it is for those who don't want to much money so don't get shock when see the photo above. I'm here not to show you how to eat but how to use it.

There is many brands of yogurt in the market,and i like Marigold the most (not to advertise Marigold). You might ask yogurt also got different ? YES ! The saturation of the yogurt is different for each of the brands. I did not try all the brands in the market but only few. The saturation of Marigold yogurt is thicker and it is more easy to apply to face and not that easy to flow down from the face and of course the amount you apply also interrelated.  

 Because of hygiene purpose, i take the amount of yogurt that i need in a container instead of directly use the spoon and apply to face then take the yogurt using the same spoon and apply to the face again. It is totally not hygiene and the yogurt will mold !! 

 After you take the necessary amount of yogurt you need and now is time to apply it to your face.
I use another spoon to take the yogurt.

 Apply it to your face and wash it off with water after 20-30 minutes then apply toner and other of your daily routine.

And one thing you have to know is use the plain natural yogurt, do not buy those with fruits one. 

One can of yogurt can use for 15-20 times,it's depends on the amount that you apply. One can of yogurt cost you about RM1.60 and you can use it so many times which means everytime you apply only cost you RM0.10 or even less than that. It superb cheap and i think it is suitable for all skin type especially for those who have dry and combination skin that your skin is dry and peeling always. Based on my experience,it is good in moisturizing. My nose is dry always,my nose do not peeling after i apply yogurt. 

You can have a try since it is so cheap. I apply yogurt almost everyday,you may use it everyday or 2-3 times a week. My friend like it after she try. You can share your experience with me if you use it as mask or you try it after you read my post.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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