Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Wok Sifu @ Jusco,Ipoh

A quick one before the next update at someday in future :D ( Final exam start on next week)
The blue skirt that i bought for CNY but end of March only is the first time i wore it.Like this photo because my hair cover my face and my face look so small. haha

Fresh lemon tea {hot}(鲜柠檬汁), RM4.90.

Cheese baked rice with beef steak(芝司荷香牛扒锔饭), RM15.80.

Oven baked bread bowl with cream of mushroom soup and fries(烤面包与奶油蘑菇和炸薯条), RM5.90.

Pork chop "Macau" style burger(澳门猪扒汉堡包), RM7.90.

Ming Heng.

A date of 3, a short gathering of us after CNY.

I'm having for the 2nd times within 3 months...seriously suffering from it. What happened to my body that make me sick so frequent ? I'm not used to fall sick so easily last time. May be because of the crazy weather ? All my readers have to take care too okay ?

Stay turn~
Take care.
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