Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Mami birthday 2013

Today is my beloved Mami's birthday,but  i'm now at Kampar :(
However i had a early celebration for her. I can't join the celebration for her together with my brothers on Saturday due to they back Ipoh on  Friday night and i back Kampar on Friday evening due to i went for Art & Craft society's Penang one day trip on Saturday. I didn't buy any present for her due to i don't know what to buy and i'm the best present :D hahaha. Don't have present,can't join the celebration too so i decided to buy a cake for her.
 Normal cake is so boring and i like cupcake recently (hope to have cupcake for my birthday too,haha) so i decided to buy cupcake for her. Saw many nice cupcake design in Instagram,but too bad the cake shop i went do not have the accessory to make the cupcake i want. So a cupcake with a woman's look will do. Short and curly hair which my Mami has.  

 I brought the cupcake back to Ipoh all the way from Kampar by public bus. Walked all the way from hostel to bus stop and took taxi to bus station for bus. You might ask why i take taxi from bus stop but not take bus at there directly ? It is because very less buses will come in,so in order to take bus faster i have to take taxi to the bus station.
 Luckily it just spoiled a little bit and the main thing still can be seen clearly.

16th April.
Happy Birthday to the women i love the most.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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