Thursday, 19 June 2014

Ketps Artista @ Ipoh

 Coffee art is the mainstream now and i believe some people may feel like wanna learn how to create coffee art. But have you ever think of want to create your own coffee art by yourself without attending any workshop to know how to draw before ? 
I experienced it already with my friends ! It's so easy and fun !

When the time we visit to this cafe, they still haven't have their opening event yet or i should say until now they haven't make it yet, they haven't have their signboard also, but they will have their grand opening on this coming Saturday (21.6.2014). Although they haven't have their opening event yet but they started their business already.

It located at Medan Ipoh Bistari just beside Old Town White Coffee Cafe.
Green Tea Tiramisu.

Blueberry Cheese Cake.

Both desserts cost RM19.78.

I always want to try something new even only the name is different. -.- 
MicroCino, RM10.98. 
It actually same as cappuccino. They serve it without any art of it and giving a pack of white sugar, chocolate and toothpick. Use the toothpick to get some chocolate on it and draw it on the coffee.

I wanted a coffee art with ribbon and my blog's address long time ago but feeling awkward to ask for it but i have it finally and i drew it by myself which is more meaningful. There is many flaws as it was my first time to draw it, my hand is actually shaking when i draw it.

Stay Turn~
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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Tittle Tattle Houzz @ Ipoh

Found this cafe when celebration of Bee Kuan's birthday at De' Dine.
Tittle Tattle Houzz is actually opposite of De' Dine.

Their name of their shop is quite difficult to be seen from far because the words are small may be this is one of the reason not much people know about this cafe.

Quite spacious there and more comfortable.

The corner i like the most ! Do you ?

Order by using iPad.

Cappuccino, RM8.

You can choose brown sugar or white sugar. Brown sugar is always my choice.

Latte, RM8.

Greek Spinach and Mushroom Pie, RM5.

Met Bee Kuan accidentally that day. Suppose we were planned to visit this cafe together last time but due to some reason we didn't visit it but we were there together with own gang of friends. 

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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

De' Dine @ Ipoh

Had a simple belated birthday celebration for the lovely one, Bee Kuan. 

They provide set meals and there was promotion until end of May, i'm not sure whether they extend the promotion or not but you can know what foods they provide from my blog although the price i list out may not same.

De' Dine FB :

Every set are includes : 
1. A cup of drinks (Lemon tea, Peach tea or English tea)
2. Soup of the day
3. Dessert (Ice-cream vanilla or chocolate)
4. Main course

Pumpkin soup and lemon tea. 

Mushroom soup.

Aglio-Oglio Chicken, RM16.90.

Fish and chip with homemade tatar sauce, RM19.90.

Grilled chicken with mashed potato serve with mushroom soup, RM16.90.

Add another RM2 can get De' Dine signature cake.
As comment from friend that he rather choose ice-cream than the cake.

10 years relationship  with Bee Kuan and i hope it never stop, always recall back to those time when we sit together  during secondary school.

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Have a nice day.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Buku Tiga Lime @ Ipoh

Ipoh is not a busy and big town like KL and Penang but there is a lot of cafes open everywhere and i can't even get to try all of them and the price of  foods and beverages just make me don't feel try all of them because it is too expensive compared with KL, Penang, Johor and Malacca (know the price list from other bloggers). I mentioned this many times in my blog but it really a funny thing and wonder how can this happened >.< 

But still i will go some of the new cafes but not all. Just want to gather at different place with friends.

This is a small and unique cafe. It is same owner with Burps & Giggles if not mistaken. You can walk Buku Tiga Lima to Burps & Giggles using the small door. We went into Buku Tiga Lima using this door as well because it don't have own entrance for Buku Tiga Lima.
And there is another small door to go another cafe.

2nd floor.

One pot of TWG tea, RM7.
There is several flavors for you to choose.

Crepe with hazelnut choc, crushes hazelnut and creme brulee dollop, RM14.
For me, it totally not worth RM14, because it just simple ingredient.
Munyee and Angel ordered 2 different types of  bagel and they comment that it taste so so only and it is expensive as well.

2 things that can be praise are the environment are unique and the workers are friendly.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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