Thursday, 19 June 2014

Ketps Artista @ Ipoh

 Coffee art is the mainstream now and i believe some people may feel like wanna learn how to create coffee art. But have you ever think of want to create your own coffee art by yourself without attending any workshop to know how to draw before ? 
I experienced it already with my friends ! It's so easy and fun !

When the time we visit to this cafe, they still haven't have their opening event yet or i should say until now they haven't make it yet, they haven't have their signboard also, but they will have their grand opening on this coming Saturday (21.6.2014). Although they haven't have their opening event yet but they started their business already.

It located at Medan Ipoh Bistari just beside Old Town White Coffee Cafe.
Green Tea Tiramisu.

Blueberry Cheese Cake.

Both desserts cost RM19.78.

I always want to try something new even only the name is different. -.- 
MicroCino, RM10.98. 
It actually same as cappuccino. They serve it without any art of it and giving a pack of white sugar, chocolate and toothpick. Use the toothpick to get some chocolate on it and draw it on the coffee.

I wanted a coffee art with ribbon and my blog's address long time ago but feeling awkward to ask for it but i have it finally and i drew it by myself which is more meaningful. There is many flaws as it was my first time to draw it, my hand is actually shaking when i draw it.

Stay Turn~
Have a nice day.

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