Wednesday, 16 July 2014

KL Food Trip

It's been 2 months ago, had my food trip with the bestie Xiao Tung together with her mum and friend of her. 
Our first stop which also the place we wanted to visit long time ago and we been there finally, Tous Les Jours !
Macaroons macaroons macaroons ! It's tempting !

Cream cheese danish & peach danish.
RM3.90 each.

BBQ chicken quesadilla, RM22.
It not big in size but it quite expensive.

Eggs and soldier RM9.90.

Wolo egg benedict,RM9.90.
It's not yummy as i expected but consider cheap as compare to the one i ate at Plan B @ Ipoh.

Found this kind of double decker but are you sure it suitable in Malaysia that with such a crazily hot and sunny weather ? haha

Went to KLCC and Pavilion for food and window shopping.
Discover the footbridge which is super convenient from Pavilion to KLCC. No need to walk under the sun and hot weather.

Had our lunch at Pavilion's food court since we don't know what to eat there. Tried out my every first bibambap. 

Not to forget buying of macaroons as well at Komugi@Tokyo Street.

And Subway because do not have any branch in Ipoh so it's a must eat food for us.

A video recorded and edited all by Xiao Tung. Like it so much.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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