Monday, 30 September 2013

I'm 21st ~ Purple Moon Valley @ Ipoh

It was the day that i have a simple day out with Kar Kar. It can consider either birthday celebration or just another gathering session. Went to had Japanese foods and shopping with her before coffee time.

This shop is originally a cake shop and it moved to a bigger shop lot not long ago to add in coffee business. For those who know their old shop location but don't know it new shop location, the new one actually just opposite of it old shop.

Not much spaces to sit actually, there is around 6 tables only in total.

I like their creative and vintage feel of interior design.

Tropical Rain Forest, RM7.50.
This is not too sweet and it is very fresh.

Black Romance, RM7.50.

Coffee Latte, RM6.80.
I'm not really satisfied with this because the coffee is not rich enough.

Thanks Kar Kar for this necklace. It might not luxury for those who used to buy branded product but it is expensive for me and it is the most expensive gift i got from friend so far.

Besides, thanks Mun Yee for the cake and present on the actual day. 

Thanks my parent for the present as well. See how funny is my dad to give me the present and it is so meaningful. There is a "love letter' from my dad also.

Won't wear it out because it is too dangerous to have gold with me on the road.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

I'm 21st ~ Mikes Place 2.0 @ Ipoh

Back to Ipoh once finished my final exam and this time is much different because i will only back to Uni life after 3-4 months because i will having my internship life on 1st of October.

Went to the newly opened cafe in Ipoh Old Town. There is no main course provided but only snacks, you can check their menu from their FB which i tagged it below. 

The distinguishing feature of this cafe is it opened in an old and vintage building located at Ipoh heritage Concubine Lane (Lorong Panglima), 二奶巷(beside 元华茶室).

A free drink from the boss because he know i'm birthday although i didn't tell him that it was belated birthday celebration. I forgot the ingredient of the drink but i remember there is vodka. I'm not a liquor lover but this drink is tasty.

Upstairs is a smoking area.

Another side is a little gallery.

Here the gallery.
Opps, you see something ? If you want to see clearly just visit this cafe.

Mikes Place 2.0 's FB :

Group photo.

Ribbon is love. Thanks for special make decorate this ribbon cake for me. My very very first ribbon cake ! Want it for so long and finally i have my ribbon cake ! Thank you very much !

Thanks for the night.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

I'm 21st ~ Secret Recipe @ Kampar

It was the day i finished my 3rd subject of final exam and Gia Wei them waited me outside of campus and we went for lunch. Then they just pretended that they want to buy cake so we went to Secret Recipe @ Kampar.  

They said they came back to Kampar because they want to go their campus to settle something but actually they came back just because of me . I guess they not really want to go settle something but to celebrate with me and they really can't surprise me much. 

Nevermind, purposely came Kampar just because to celebrate for me means a lot already .
Thanks Gia Wei for 2 years continuously brought friends to Kampar to celebrate for me. My best roommate for 3 years ++ .

My best roommate, my best housemate (Susu) and his girlfriend.

Thanks for the gifts from them, Bee Kuan and Ming Heng.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Plan b @ Ipoh

This was an exciting news when all Ipoh people knew Plan b will be opened is Ipoh and there was so many people post about Plan b on social media. I'm the one who feel excited as well because i wanna try their eggs benedict and i was there finally with Xiao Tung !  
Luckily it was weekdays so it is not hard to find parking there.

As usual,the environment photos.

The environment is not as grand and big as we thought.
It should be a date if 3 girls but ended up only Xiao Tung and me because Poh Yi not able to make it last minute.

Spicy Aglio Olio Spaghettini (olive oil,slow-roasted garlic & chillies), RM16.
It a bit too try and the taste is just so so.

Finally i tried tried eggs benedict ! It my very first time to eat eggs benedict as well.

A big bottle of plain water is free for every table.

Eggs Benedict (2 poaches eggs,grilled turkey bacon & hallandaise, on toasted sourdough muffin), RM16.
For me,it is so so so expensive ! But since i craving for it so long so i just ordered it. I even told myself thar i want to learn how to cook it so that i can have it at home but i don't know where can buy the muffin. Anyone of you know where can buy it in Ipoh ?

But honestly it taste good !

The pattern queen. haha

Like this photo so much, credited to Xiao Tung.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Singberry @ Ipoh

Is another day that i finished another subject of final exam so you can see me blog about another entry. But i gonna study for another 3 more subjects and i will be free after 20th ! Belated birthday celebration (no plan now) and oversea trip waiting for me !
Went to Singberry with Kar Kar after a makeup session. She told me that she love strawberry and so i bring her to Singberry as i just tried out their fresh strawberry juice only and there is other things i would like to try such as this Strawberry sandwiches.

It sound so creative right ? But for me it taste okay one because the taste of eggs too strong and i can't even taste the strawberry. It just like eating egg sandwiches instead of strawberry sandwiches.

It is highly recommended ! Strawberry cocktail. 
The essence of this is the sauce of it, it taste sweet and sour. It consists of big or small. For only 2 of us ,we order the small bowl of it and it costs RM12++.

See the strawberry is so huge in size compared with my finger !
Kar Kar love this strawberry cocktail as well.

As i mentioned before about the makeup session, here is the photo. We be the model of Kar Kar's friends who studying beauty course. This was the daily makeup.

It was my bad hair day ! My fringe was terrible make.

This was the dinner makeup.
It's Kar Kar first time of put on make up since 6 years old. hahaha.. She pretty right ?

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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