Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Singberry @ Ipoh

Is another day that i finished another subject of final exam so you can see me blog about another entry. But i gonna study for another 3 more subjects and i will be free after 20th ! Belated birthday celebration (no plan now) and oversea trip waiting for me !
Went to Singberry with Kar Kar after a makeup session. She told me that she love strawberry and so i bring her to Singberry as i just tried out their fresh strawberry juice only and there is other things i would like to try such as this Strawberry sandwiches.

It sound so creative right ? But for me it taste okay one because the taste of eggs too strong and i can't even taste the strawberry. It just like eating egg sandwiches instead of strawberry sandwiches.

It is highly recommended ! Strawberry cocktail. 
The essence of this is the sauce of it, it taste sweet and sour. It consists of big or small. For only 2 of us ,we order the small bowl of it and it costs RM12++.

See the strawberry is so huge in size compared with my finger !
Kar Kar love this strawberry cocktail as well.

As i mentioned before about the makeup session, here is the photo. We be the model of Kar Kar's friends who studying beauty course. This was the daily makeup.

It was my bad hair day ! My fringe was terrible make.

This was the dinner makeup.
It's Kar Kar first time of put on make up since 6 years old. hahaha.. She pretty right ?

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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