Thursday, 6 June 2013

Are you a strawberry lover ?

The 2nd week of new semester and i feel like it already in middle of the semester because we are so busy now for preparing Final Year Project and internship. I think i have nothing to blog after all previous post is up because there is not much time to relax.
A date with my girls Xiao Tung,Lok Yee and Cheng Yee at Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant @ DeGarden Ipoh. It's my second time here.

Bibim-neng-nyum (辣酱冷拌面), RM20.
It my first time try it and i think i won't have second time. I also found out that i'm not a Korean foods lover. The fries rice cake i ate before is okay for me and it quite delicious but i not used to this.

Hair was all up that day because i feel hot ! The crazy weather.

Due to that day we intended to come Singberry to try out their fresh strawberry juice but it was closed and i suggested to come again due to we still have time and i really feel like wanna try it and so we were there !

3 of them ordered Strawberry Fibre Ice Blended RM5.90 with the benefit of refreshing, and i ordered Pure Big Strawberry RM8.90 with the benefit of anti-aging. 

All cups strawberry juice look alike but in fact mine are less cold compared with ice blended due to i don't want to drink to much cold drinks. My cup of strawberry juice is like strawberry smoothies. What i comment after i tried it is i was like eating a fresh strawberry, it so rich and tasty ! Strawberry lover will like it ! The freshest strawberry juice ever !

I look so pale here . :(

The customer service that day was super unsatisfied because we were not served after we sitting there for 5-10 minutes ! But a rich aunt with her grandchildren were giving a god damn good service once they walked in. However, Xiao Tung said their customer service was not that bad last time. Okay~ i will give another chance because i feel like wanna try another foods that's in their menu such as strawberry sandwiches.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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