Thursday, 27 December 2012

Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Ipoh

It's 19th December, 2nd day after exam,it's time to relax. Had a date with Xiao Tung. We planned so many things before exam however we forgot what we have discussed after exam. However,i still can plan again and we decided to go Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant @ DeGarden, Ipoh.

Beloved Xiao Tung.

It's my first time visit to Daorae. many dishes.

10 must and also free small side dishes.

Fried rice cake, RM40.

Both of us shared all of them. Xiao Tung asked me to decide what we want to eat but i totally no idea all the meals inside the menu and i recalled Xiao Tung told me before that fried rice cake is quite nice and i decided to order that however i don't know it served in such a big portion, i shocked when i saw it. It a bit spicy but i still able accept it. In fact,first time i ate it and i feel that it quite nice.  

Below are closeup of all those side dishes.

Pickled vegetable.
I can't accept the taste of it, wonder is it all are the same taste or is there any i can accept ? I feel like to try again if there is any i can accept .

The sweet potato is quite nice.

While we almost finished our dishes and a waiter came over with this and told us that it was complimentary for us. It taste good as well. We thought it was eggs at first and we think it was something like fried flour cake.

There is watermelon after we finished our dishes.

And there was another complimentary lollipops for us after we paid.
There was so many complimentary "gifts" on that day and Xiao Tung said it was her first time to get complimentary "gifts", we were lucky that day and it may be because it closed to the Christmas.

Our date won't end so easily.

The video below was created by Xiao Tung,it's about our activities on that day. 
Let's have a guideline on what i going to update on next post.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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