Friday, 28 December 2012

Station One Cafe @ Ipoh

Continue to the previous post. After had our lunch at Daorae Korean BBQ,we just followed our plan to Jusco KBox for singing session,but there was no room for us,so we forced to cancel our plan. 
 Walked around in Jusco before we changed venue.

Wanted to go Singberry which selling fresh strawberry juice that i wanted to go so long but still never have the chance yet since that day when we went the shop and another bad news for us,the owner was clean-up her shop and we need to change plan again ! What a day !!

 Lastly,we decided to go Station One Cafe @ Medan Ipoh Bistari.

 The table was so nice and full of Christmas feel.

 Can i have a one ??

 Have no idea what to drink so i ordered a cup of "Happiness" since everything doesn't went smooth that day. Drink a cup of "happiness" to cheer me up.



Resplendent smile of us.
Have a great day with her although we have to change our plan again and again.

For those who haven't watch this video before,please have a look,the video about our outing which created by Xiao Tung.g

I will change my blog design again so i will close my blog on tomorrow or the day after tomorrow and hope i can open it back on 1st January 2013. 

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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