Thursday, 13 June 2013

Mc Cafe @ Ipoh

Wanted to try Mc Cafe long time ago and i finally there. Searching for some information before i went there,the thing i wanted to know is whether Mc Cafe selling burger also or only cakes and coffees. Found one Mc Cafe from oversea said that it only selling coffees and cakes but i think it is only for that Mc Cafe because the one i went has 2 counters, one is selling burgers as usual and an extra counter are selling coffees and cakes.
The Mc Cafe i went which located at Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah (right beside MH Hotel).

Lot 197129
Plot 2, Jalan Medan Ipoh
1A Medan Ipoh Bistari
31400 Ipoh


Savor the sensuous blend of bold coffee and rich chocolate finished with sprinkles of cocoa powder.

Middle one is latte.
Creamy with delicate foam, the inviting taste of one part coffee and two parts steamed milk makes any day a better day.

The most right side is iced mocha.
Each sip is a rewarding experience, filled with the flavors and sultry chocolate, rich coffee and luxurious whipped cream.

Chocolate lava cake,RM7.50.
The chocolate is so rich. The chocolate cream is like waterfall that gushed when cut the cake into 2 parts.

Banana walnut muffin, RM5.90.
It just like normal banana cake that we can buy in the market.

Wear spec and no make up that day due to i went to adjust my braces in the morning. Mun Yee followed me to the clinic then we met up with Ming Heng at the clinic too. They saw my ugly look while adjust the tooth >.< 

No makeup make me look pale. 

Hamsters that selling in the pet shop of Kinta City .
They are so cute. Spot the most cute one that sleep with legs in the air. OMG.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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