Saturday, 1 June 2013

520 Single Gathering

20th of May is such a nice date where the sound of 520 means I Love You indirectly in Chinese. No boyfriend to date with but friends. A gang of friends who are single as well. Should feel unhappy because no boyfriend with me on such special day or happy because i'm with my best friends on special day ? I would feel happy because i have a great gathering with them. A date which planned weeks before and another date which decided one day before and both scheduling on the same date.

I feel like wanna drink coffee again although i went Bread Espresso Dessert 2 days ago. Bring different friends to B.E.D. everytime and this time was my 4th time visit to B.E.D.

Soon's latte.

My cappuccino.
It's my 3rd cup of "Ribbon Love" coffee but still i prefer the first cup.

1st , 2nd and 3rd.

House bread.


Male best friend.

Met my female best friends after that. I'm outgoing only during sem break.I know i going out too often during sem break but i stay at home often when no holiday.hahaha
We changed our planned due to 1st cafe we planned earlier was closed and the 2nd and 3rd cafe we intended to go were closed as well ! What a "lucky" day and finally we went to Wok Sifu's Jusco.

Gave the ribbon stickers that i bought from Daiso@DeGarden that day to Mun Yee and Angel and when want to took a photo of 3 phones together i found that the photo they chose are with the similar pose and i quickly took a photo which similar to them.. Stick a ribbon on their phones so that they can think of me everytime when they use their phone,means that they have to miss me so many times per day. haha 

Went to DeGarden again after we separated with Xiao Tung.

Took photos for around 1 hours >.< 
Have so much fun that day ! 
We are single,but we are together ! 520.

Stay turn~
Have a nice day.

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